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We build fitness machines out of ordinary people, and humble elite level athletes everyday. Professionals, civil servants, Division 1 athletes, soccer moms, and grandparents all DESERVE the most effective training available.


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Why choose BattleBorn over other CF gyms in the area

In my opinion CrossFit is based on a sound programming system, followed by an AMAZING staff of coaches. But, if you don't have a solid program to get you to your goals, no amount of coaching will fix that.
So with that, these are the questions I ask myself when I am writing out our cycles.

Do you get stronger?
Do your skills advance?
Do you see your coach making adaptations for a workout that was over or under programmed? (yes it happens, and I will always be the first to admit when I screw up a WOD.
Does the program run in cycles, does that cycle change to address all domains of fitness?
Do you see yourself growing as an athlete, or loosing the body fat, or attaining whatever goals it is that you have set for yourself?

There are a plethora of gyms out there these days calling themselves CrossFit. Be aware of their programming. Search for it and pay close attention to it. Here are things I advise everyone to look out for when searching for a solid CrossFit to join:

  • Does the gym have original programming or does it program “Hero” and “Girl” workouts or just stick to the main CrossFit site on a regular basis? It is okay to program these workouts on occasion, but using them as a main source of workouts shows a lack of experience. Chances are that box has no real grasp of how to program.
    • I have been programming our workouts at since 2009, I will be the first to say it takes skill, practice, and some F ups to get to be a great programmer - I am confident enough to say I am great. Even though you may not see it, there is rhyme and reason to how, why and what I program for in every cycle. Just ask me, and I will tell you the whys and what for's.

  • Check to see if the CrossFit you are looking into programs skills to work on or lifts to get stronger in. If they only program a workout without training skills or strength, then how are you supposed to get better? Just doing a workout will only take you so far.
    • Strength is my foundation! Be it man, woman, or child regardless of age or how well or broken your body may be - if you don't have strength, you have nothing. We do strength work daily, as well as daily skill work to help with those movements we all need help on (unless we are a "gerbil" and all body weight, gymnastic movements are second nature).

  • Do they have a beginner program, often called an on-ramp or elements course? If they do not have one then that is a major red flag they definitely do not know what they are doing.
    • We have a CF-Lite class that we run Monday-Friday, it is not an "on-ramp" class that you have to sign up for, it is a back to basics class that any new athlete can join and learn all the fundamentals of what we do here, and how I promote your overall health.

  • Do they discuss and go over recovery and mobility with their athletes? Everyone gets injured and although CrossFit is an amazing way to get and stay fit, it is still a sport. Proper recovery is always key.
    • Not going to lie, this is a very recent change in the gym, but we as coaches make sure we address any body issues going on with our athletes, and yes even me now.

  • Is nutrition discussed? No matter how hard you workout, if you are not eating properly then you will never see the results you truly desire.
    • Nutrition is my second best skill - I can help you with whatever goal you are looking for in any shape you want to take it, Paleo, 80/20, macro, add mass, loose fat - I will do everything in my power to address your body and the nutrients to help you.

  • Do they post their programming online for everyone to see? If a CrossFit box is truly confident in their programming then they will allow everyone to see it. If an excuse is used that they do not want anyone to steal it, therefore it is hidden, then they most likely have no idea what they are doing. CrossFit is not rocket science. There are a ton of gyms out there posting workouts.
    • Have and do since 2008! I am PROUD of my programming and the years I have put into it to get it figured out for you.
And to top off all that jazz above - we are the first original CrossFit gym here in Reno, NV as well as being the 78th EVER AFFILIATE - yes in the first 100 gyms of over 7500 and counting now.

I am always striving to educate myself in everything from strength, nutrition, mobility, lifts and even the things I can't do - like muscle ups, to ensure you are getting the best of me I have to offer.

I hold my:
CrossFit - L1
USAW Level 1 Coaching
ACE - personal trainer
CrossFit - Nutrition
CrossFit - Endurance
CrossFit - Olympic
CrossFit - Mobility
CrossFit - Coaches course
CrossFit - Gymnastics
Seminars including:
Martone KettleBell
Cal Strength
Greg Everett
K Mae Cagney
Whole 9
Mark Session - Daily Apple
Robb Wolf

If I haven't convinced you yet, as to why my gym, myself and my coaches are the best in town - stop in and get a workout, observe, ask, let me show you why I am the CrossFit gym you want to call home in Reno.

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