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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This Friday you need a stop watch, timer or phone that you can carry in your hand and program for a tabata setting!!!!

Love your faces!

Tuesday 16, September 2014


Double unders


Warm up 5-5-3
Work set 3-3-3+ @ 80/85/90%

Chin ups - strict
5x ME


100 hollow rocks


Today is purely form and technique - there is no clock - there is no time limit - there is no set weights - there is no penalty - I AM TRUSTING YOU TO WOEK HARD AND FOCUS ON YOUR FORM AND TECHNIQUE

Olympic Power clean complex

5 Power cleans
5 Split jerks
5 Front squats
5 Reverse lunge - each leg

Add weight every round unless you have a weight that you know is going to be hard yet technically sound!

Monday 15, September 2014


Double unders


Week 2 Wendler Cycle

Warm up 40-50-60% of your 1 rep max

Work set 80/85/90% of your 90% of your 1 rep max

Hand stand holds
5 x 1 min


100 med ball sit ups


Oh it is that time of year - everyone's favorite


Thrusters 42.5/30kg
Pull ups

LOG YOUR TIME - last done in March 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Saturday 13, September 2014

7 am class ONLY!!!!!!
Sorry guys, short notice I know.
If you are planning on the 9am class and cant make 7am only, here is what you can do!
10 hill sprints - look for a 50m hill at least
10 100m sprints
10 burpees after each 100m sprint
2 x 100m walking lunges
50 air squats after each set of lunges
100 m sideways squat - think sumo stance and squat
at every 10 meters of the side squats 10m frog broad jump down and back to start

Friday 12, September 2014


Double unders


Bench press
5-5-3 warm up @ 40/50/60%
5-5-5+ work set @ 75/80/85%

5x8 weighted
5xME if no weight - if you can do 8-10 full dips with no weight add weight

30 sec side plank elevated leg holds each side
5 strict hanging leg raise - control up and decent


100m sled pull forward 50/40kg
100m sled pull backwards 50/40kg
5 man makers 35/25lb
10 strict pull ups
15 burpees

Thursday, September 11, 2014

5 exercises for Athletic Muscular Build

I enjoyed this short article, and know the Bulgaria split squat to be an absolute weakness or leveling the playing field of my strength. I hope you guys enjoy it, and for my guys out here I KNOW YOU LOVE the BENCH PRESS portion.

I get it—you want to build muscle, be shredded, and be athletic. You crave a body that’s both Show AND Go (sorry Eric Cressey: I love the term), with the aesthetics and tools of a finely tuned athlete. With that in mind your typical “body-builder” splits, isolation exercises, and high-pump workouts won’t cut it. High volume body-part splits aren’t best for gains– there’s too much focus on individual muscles rather than the body moving as a unified machine.
Instead, you need exercises that require strength, stability, power, speed, and coordination  to build slabs of athletic muscle to your body.

1.) Sprint:

What sport isn’t better by improved sprint speed?
The truth is very few – speed reigns king in athletics.
Luckily, sprinting has benefits far beyond cross-extensor coordination, power, speed, and strength–it’s great all-around tool and will help you improve shred body fat, improve your condition, and even build muscle.
Here’s Why:Sprinting requires high-velocity muscle contractions to rapidly generate force and propel the body forward. No jogging here, sprints are an all-out, intensive exercise.
Sprints are intense enough to stimulate the release of major anabolic hormones like HgH and testosterone, create muscle-building damage to muscle fibers, and even aid in transitioning slow-twitch fibers to type 2 fast twitch fibers.
Start conservatively with all sprint work consider hiring a coach—sprinting is a skill that must to be taught to optimize performance and decrease injury risk. You wouldn’t try a max-lift your first time in the gym would you?
Sprinting is extremely neurologically demanding—sprinting while fatigued is idiotic and  increases injury risk exponentially.
Like anything else that’s been neglected it’s best to hold back the reigns, do them first in your workout, and start conservative – no one benefits from a bum hamstring.
As a conditioning tool sprint work trains specific energy support systems (alactic and lactic) that fuel performance in high-intensity, short duration exercise. When beginning proceed with caution– re-introduce speed training with full-recovery and slight hills to prevent injuries.
[Try This: Beginners start with  6 sprints for 30 yards on the first few workouts with a full 90 second recover between reps. recovery, 1-3 minutes should suffice.  ]

2.)Power Clean:

The clean is my favorite exercise for improving power performance due to its explosive triple extension of the hip, knee, and ankle in a coordinated, explosive pattern—a movement that simulates the triple extension in jumps and sprints.
There is no sport that isn’t improved through powerful triple extension, coordination, or  absorbing and transferring. Olympic lifts are a vital training tool for athletic performance.
If you struggle with technique start with the Hackey Pull. This exercise is a powerful expression of full hip extension, the primary driver of cleans and hip extension in sport.

As a muscle builder the clean works the following muscles: calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, traps, deltoids, and forearms, as well as the core muscles that come into play to stabilize your spine and transfer power throughout the movement. This makes the clean a better bang for your buck deal than 3:1 Chipotle Burritos and arguably better than any other exercise.
Plus, they look pretty bad-ass.

3.) Bench Press:

Most athletes absolutely love the bench press and for good reason– It’s the ultimate “macho, how much you bench bro’?” exercise . It doesn’t matter if you have a 8-year-old in the gym for the first time or a high school senior Football player; they love the bench and will go all-out in effort.
“Functional” pundits will hate the bench press because of a lack of scapular movement and the fact that lifters are laying down, but few exercises build heaping slabs of muscle on the chest, shoulders, and triceps coupled with explosive strength like the bench press.
Use a shoulder-width grip, rigid wrists, and tuck the elbows at 45 degrees to create a stable environment for the shoulder. Similarly avoid going too narrow, an over ally narrow-grip causes the scapulae to slide into anterior tilt (that’s bad news folks) and potentially aggravate the shoulder. if you’re concerned with shoulders then floor presses  and weighted push-ups are fantastic alternatives.
A motivated person will work hard; sometimes the trade-off is worth the intensity and work ethic despite its short-comings.

4.) Rotational Medicine Ball Throws:

Sports aren’t played only in the sagittal plane–movement in sport is chaotic and occurs in multiple planes, athletes need to be strong and resilient in all these planes.  Athletes benefit from direct rotational power work because power is vector specific–it must  be developed in a similar movement to transfer to sport.
Medicine ball rotational throws explosively transfer forces between the upper and lower body, developing explosive rotational power with loaded hips. Rotational med ball throws are ideal for throwing a solid 1-2 punch combo at your local tavern athletes that need to punch, swing, throw, and pass to develop explosive rotational power.
Perform throws first in a strength training session for maximal training effect. You’ll improve rotation power and potentiate the nervous system activation for better strength training performance for the rest of the workout.  Do 2-3 Sets of 3-5 reps with 45- 60 seconds between sets.

5.) Bulgarian Split Squat:

You’re probably like me. We hate doing things that expose our weaknesses. We don’t like to struggle, but relish the opportunity to improve.
Bulgarian split squats expose your weaknesses and engage the lateral sub-system- a key region composed of the gluteus medius, adductors, and quadrates lumborum. These killers push your “pain” threshold while limiting spinal compression and shear stress compared to back squats and front squats, making them a viable alternative for athletes with limitations in bilateral squats. For mobility and stability purposes Bulgarian split squats provide a massive stretch to the hip flexors while reinforcing the greater mobility with resistance to develop stability.
Get out of your comfort zone, your limiting factors will expose you in the gym and on the playing field.  Doing the “hard stuff” is the stuff we need to do more of, and few exercises expose weaknesses like Bulgarian Split Squats.

(BONUS) 6.) Planks:

“Woah, planks? Isn’t that remedial?”
They are, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Anterior core stability is vital for both performance and injury prevention. Many athletes (and desk-jockeys) spend countless hours in a flexed position with poor abdominal engagement.  This leads to frequent back pain and a lack of trunk integrity during movement activities. Master your planks to improve performance by keeping healthy athletes and improving the transfer of forces between the upper and lower body. Athletes will never express maximum strength, speed, power, and performance without great trunk integrity.

Wrap Up

There’s no point to creating an impressive physique that becomes a walking ball of fail when competition rises. Building muscle is a great thing and will improve your performance as long as mobility,stability,  multi-directional ability, strength (relative and absolute), and speed are maintained or improve. Ditch the bogus gimmicky exercises and master these exercises to build an athletic, muscular body.

Eric Bach, BS- Kinesiology, CSCS, and PN1, is a trainer in Denver, Colorado. Eric coaches at the renowned Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance.

Thursday 11, September 2014

 Today we honor the tragedy of September 11th, 2001

This is a variation of a lot of the same workouts different CrossFit gyms have done.

The 9-11 WOD

1 Round

2001m row

11 box jumps (36in/24in)

11 thrusters (57k/38k) (125 pounds =125 deaths at The Pentagon)

11 burpee to chest to bar pull ups

343 single jump ropes - firefighter lives lost

11 power cleans (80k/55k) (175 pounds= AA Flight #175, south tower)

11 hand stand push ups

11 kb swings (32k/24k)

23 clapping push ups - police officers lives lost

11 toes to bars

11 deadlifts (77k/55k) (77k = Flight 77)
11 push jerks (50k/35k) (110 pounds = number of floors in each tower)
2001m row
During this tragic event many ordinary people rose to the occasion and sacrificed their life in an attempt to save others. That is what I love about coaching CrossFit, I love seeing ordinary people rise to the occasion and do things they never thought possible.  This WOD doesn't look easy but it is a very small price to pay or go through compared to all the lives that were changed during this tragic day.
As with all WOD's there will be many scaling options available for those that don't think they can do the WOD as prescribed. Please do not let the WOD intimidate you; the WOD can be custom tailored for each individual.

Wednesday 10, September 2014


Double unders


5-5-3 warm up
5-5-5+ work set

max effort strict chin ups 3x

30 second each side plank elevated side leg hold
5 as strict as possible hanging leg raise


"Annie on the run"

Double unders
Ab mat sit ups
then immediately
1.5 mile run

This is my favorite, and still not cleared to jump yet :-(

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday 9, September 2014


You guessed it


Strict press
Warm up
Work set


Handstand holds
5x1 min holds

Same as Monday

100 rep challenge

I am letting you choose from a few different movements - if I see form go on any of these, I WILL STOP YOU from completing.

Shoulders - plate raise
     straight arms
     hips to over head
     squeeze - no kip
     rest with plate in your hands - if you put it down 10 burpees right then

Legs - LIGHT back squats or front squats
     full depth
     rest with bar in rack position - if you re rack the weight 10 burpees right then

Back - LIGHT straight leg sumo deadlifts
     legs locked
     back staright
     touch and go - if bar stops movement on the ground for more than a count of 3 - 10 burpees right   

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday 8, September 2014

New start of our strength cycle

Week 1

Your warm up on your lifts will ALWAYS be as follows

5-5-3 at 40/50/60% of your newest 1 rep max


All month

Double unders

BUY A ROPE - I swear it helps


Back squats
Warm up
Work set
5-5-5 at 75/80/82% of 90% of your newest 1 rep max

Pistol squats
3x10 e/s

All week
30 second side plank hold - elevate top leg if able - each side
5 strict straight leg, hanging leg raises


Hell of the West Q4

10 mins  - Novice

50 wall balls 20/14lbs
40 box jumps 24/20in
30 G2OH
Pull ups - remainder of the time

Saturday 6, September 2014

Ahhhh Ummmmm this was far harder than it looks...

1 mile run
50 KB swings
40 Goblet squats
30 KB overhead squats
20 KB snatch
10 Burpees
1 mile run
10 burpees
20 KB snatch
30 KB overhead squats
40 Goblet squats
50 KB swings

Go as heavy as possible for all the movements - can use multiple KB's if need to :-)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday 5, September 2014


Double Unders


Make up OR Re do any lifts from this week



100 old school sit ups


5 wall balls 20/16lbs - INCREASE 5 reps every round
10 box jumps 24/20in - INCREASE 5 reps every round
200m sled pull 20/15kg - INCREASE 5 kilos every round (end at 35/30kg)

20 min time limit

Thursday 4, September 2014


Double unders


Make up any lift you missed



25 old school sit ups
25 hollow rocks
25 evil wheels



400m run
21 KB swings 24/16kg
12 pull ups

Wednesday 3, September 2014

See Tuesday post for a list of how this week rolls.


25 evil wheels
25 v twists
25 crunches


12 min EMOM
5 burpees
100m sprint

Tuesday 2, September 2014




Warm up

500m row
10 OHS - weighted
10 Back ext - weighted
10 Pull ups

This should be done in no more than 10 minutes leaving you with

5-10 minutes to work on mobility


This week is an option for you on finding your one rep max's for our next cycle


CrossFit Total
Back squats and Strict press


CrossFit Total - only if you were not here on Tuesday
Deadlifts and Bench press


Double unders - I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend YOU PURCHASE a rope



Hell of the West Qualifier 3#

Monday 1, September 2014

Happy Labor Day

Lots of choices for you today!!!

1. CrossFit Total

2. Hell of the West Q#3

31 of each movement
Jumping lunges
Push ups
Goblet squats
Pull ups
GHD sit ups
Man makers
***Top of every minute 3 burpees

4. Blackjack
     Push ups
     YOU CHOOSE YOUR second movement

5. 1000m row challenge
     Tabata row - must reach 1000m in the 4 mins, if you do not you owe the difference in pull ups

6. Your hand at programming

Monday, September 1, 2014

Beware The Whispers

The whispers tell you to stay in bed.

They tell you to scale down so you can go faster.

The whispers try to convince you winning is more important than form, speed more important than safety.

The whispers are wrong.

"Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your own two ears." -Laird Hamilton

Friday, August 29, 2014

Holiday Hours

Saturday - Regular schedule

Monday -

Open Gym

6am to 9am


4pm to 6pm

Friday 29, August 2014


Push ups

max effort pull ups


Power cleans work

Snatch work


100 hollow rocks


Complete as many rounds as possible in 28 minutes of:
115-lb. overhead squats, 9 reps
1 legless rope climb, 15-foot rope, beginning from seated
115-lb. bench presses, 12 reps
Post rounds completed to comments.
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jeremie "JBo" "Bubba" Border, 28, of Mesquite, Texas, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), based in Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan, died Sept. 1, 2012, in Batur Village, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with small-arms fire. He is survived by his parents, Mary Border and Robert Harris; sisters, DeLaynie Peek, Katie Border, Ashley Harris and Amanda Pereira; nephews, Robbie and Kayden Pereira; and brothers-in-law, Jason Peek and Roberto Pereira.

Thursday 28, August 2014


Push ups

pull ups - max effort


20 mins

10 mins hang snatch

10 mins snatch


100 old school sit ups


400m run
burpee inch worms - down and back gym length
200m run backwards
weighted bear crawls - down and back gym length

Wednesday 27, August 2014


Push ups

Max effort pull ups


Deload week

20 mins

10 mins snatch balance

10 mins snatch grip deadlift


50 four count flutter kicks
50 hollow rocks


100 KB swings 24/20kg
50 evil wheels
100 KB cleans - 50 to each side 24/20kg
50 four count mountain climbers