There is NOTHING in Reno that can come close to our program!

We build fitness machines out of ordinary people, and humble elite level athletes everyday. Professionals, civil servants, Division 1 athletes, soccer moms, and grandparents all DESERVE the most effective training available.


All levels welcome - come in and try a week free!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Well, if your answer is yes like mine then PLEASE, PLEASE click on the link below and VOTE FOR BBCF!!

Note, must have your vote in for BBCF by Saturday June 30th!!!

"Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business℠, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But we need at least 250 votes at to qualify. To vote for our business:

Go to click 'Log In & amp; Support' and log in using Facebook.

Search for our business by name OR filter by our State and City.

Click on the blue Vote button next to our business name to show your support for our business."

Wednesday 27, June 2012

Middle of the week, and let's not forget this Saturday at 9am is the start of our

21 Day Body Transformation Challenge!!!


Strict press


200 m sprint - yes it says sprint, so make sure it is faster than your 400
10 ring push ups
5 hang cleans 70/50kg
5 box jumps 32/24in

Ahhhh yes, this is a NICE one!!!

Tuesday 26, June 2012

After a WOD like yesterday, we got a short but sweet little metcon for you today!


Back squats


OHS 60/40kg
Pull ups

Monday 25, June 2012


Eight rounds for time of:
600 meter Run
1.5 pood Weighted pull-up, 11 reps
11 Walking lunge steps, carrying 1.5 pood kettlebells
1.5 pood Kettlebell thruster, 11 reps

U.S. Navy Cryptologist Technician (Collection) Petty Officer 1st Class (Expeditionary Warfare Specialist) Michael J. Strange, 25, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, of wounds suffered when his unit's helicopter crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Breanna Hostetler, parents Elizabeth and Charles, and siblings Katelyn, Carly, and Charles.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Advocare and all it's glory...

After seeing some supplement companies taking advantage of people and utilizing very effective marketing strategies to dupe people into taking products that might be detrimental to their health,  we decided that it's time to devote a series of blog posts to these companies and expose them for what they truly are or praise them for their devotion to quality.

Part one is devoted to Advocare...Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Advocare is a MLM (multilevel marketing) company that has thrust itself into many CrossFit boxes, families and a host of other people from just about every angle.  Interestingly they also offer a program called debtbuster that claims to target creditors and lower debt.  Better health, more money and debt free...sounds like a win win to me!

Let us start by taking a product and analyzing its ingredients to see what it has to offer:
The Meal Replacement Shake:
Claims are:
-Delicious(flavors are vanilla, chocolate and berry)
-Provides an alternative to high calories, high fat and empty calorie foods
-Provides Calcium and Fiber
-Price 39.95 for a box with 14 pouches 

While we think that this product is very delicious and MCTs are a nice addition the other claims can be quite misleading. 

First off we are not fans of liquid nutrition, because of it's insulin spiking effects, while we understand time constraints.  Meal replacement shakes should never be a regular part of your diet.  The biggest concern is whether you will be able to maintain any weight loss after you stop taking the shake or will you be a slave to the shake for the rest of your life?

With the low fat and high carb content of this shake it seems you will jump on the insulin spiking roller coaster thus sending you into a hunger frenzy after a few hours.  Fats make you feel fuller longer and thus make it very difficult to overeat.

Here is a study detailing the fact that replacing fats with carbohydrates causes issues relating to CVD.

Fructose is an ingredient in this product and we don't like that one bit.  Fructose is  only metabolized in the liver and thus is directly channeled from there to the small intestine, causing the metabolic load to be placed on the liver.  The response by the liver is to convert the Fructose to fats for storage and thus raising triglycerides.

Fructose seems to cause the muscles to become more insulin resistant by blocking the metabolism of glucose in the liver and the synthesis of glucose into glycogen.

Fructose also leads to the formation of AGEs (Advanced glycation end products) 

Next we really don't like the folic Acid that this product contains.  To understand this it is essential to know the difference between folic Acid and folate.  Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate found in supplements such as this one, while folate is the natural form and is vitamin B9 and Folic acid is the oxidized synthetic form.

An interesting study points out some very pertinent points:  A higher proportion of Folic acid undergoes initial reduction and methylation in the liver.  Some tissues including the liver have a limited ability to reduce folic acid, because of a low activity of dihydrofolate reductase.  The significance here seems to be an increased amount of unmetabolized folic acid in the circulation when high doses of folic acid are taken.

What does all this mean?  High levels of unmetabolized folic acid could possibly increase the rate of progression of pre-cancerous lesions to invasive cancer and in the older population it can be difficult to detect vitamin B12 deficiency and a degradation of the nervous system.  All the while dietary folate (not folic acid) may protect against some forms of cancer.

Finally on the bottom of the nutrition label is the warning that this product contains Soy (which is linked to low sperm count in men) and wheat containing ingredients.  Check out our post on wheat products to read about our thoughts on those nasty little buggers!

My final point about these guys is that the prices are completlely outrageous.  For example the 24 day challenge is priced at $183.25 for 24 days.  This is insane and Whole 9 did a very good writeup about it here.  We agree that a lot of the claims made are way off target and in the realm of magic land, not science.

We are interested in providing information for allow people to make good decisions about their health from an unbiased source.  If we recommended Advocare it would be a sad sad day, because we would have sold out in order to make a quick buck and our intention is to inform the public, not take advantage of them with clever marketing and big words.

Our final say is to run, don't walk away if an Advocare rep approaches you or if your gym is selling shiny new expensive products made by this company.  We think they have no place in the realm of REAL health and longevity.  If you would like information on the supplements we recommend and the companies we trust, check out our supplement post here


Call of duty Call for life

Today BBCF participated in the Call of duty Call for life event held at the Mayberry Athletic Center.  It consisted of three events in three phases with teams of six athletes and the phases were:

A road course carrying a sand bag simulating a child and a large water container.  Complete with heart attack hill!

A trail course complete with obstacles and challenges to overcome.  Including an intellectual challenge that only 5 teams completed and BBCF was one of them!

A gym challenge consisting of the Air Dyne, Rower, Burpees, Wall Balls and tire flips all done as a team.

Those that participated in the challenge were:

BBCF placed 5th out of 14 teams!  Way to go guys!

check out more pictures here:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday 22, June 2012

So. this is an early Happy Birthday WOD to Krista, who had the guts to ask for a birthday WOD - yeap, she is relatively new. :-)

Happy Birthday to Krista (her actual bday is 7-1, but she will be in Hawaii)

Oh, we also got rid of the strength after we realized this was a WOD to be capped at 30 minutes.



1 deadlift 75% of 5 rep max
19 ring pull ups or scaled to ring rows
26 wall balls 20/16lb

THEN after 7 rounds completed

86 box jumps 24/20in

Time limit 30 minutes

Thursday 21, June 2012

Thank you to coach adam for this first half of the 6 minute metcon, the second half is all me! I can tell you my hamstrings are sore from popping the hips and squeezing the butt or the swings.





6 min AMRAP

Keep the KB swinging AHAP
* everytime you stop swinging, or put the kettlebell down an immediate 5 burpee penalty

Rest 2 mins

6 min AMRAP

10 KB v-ups AHAP
10 toes 2 bar
10 KB v-twist AHAP - 10 to each side 20 total

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday 20, June 2012

Good day for some short quick sprints if you ask me.


Push press


Rack jerk


12 min - every minute on the minute

5 burpees
10 air squats
5 push ups

Scale acordingly to ensure you complete the rounds

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Reminder Saturday June 30th will be our seminar/lecture on the 21 Day Challenge that begins July 1st.

21 Days to a new transformed body, to a new healthy you, to a new start on the summer bod!!!

Please sign up with your coach so that Chandler and I have enough books for everyone, and that I can get times set up to do pictures, and weight. 

The difference with this challenge, is that you will be investing $23 for the literature - Chandler and I hope if you put a little money into the literature you will be more apt to continue on.

Please bring this home, and change the eating habits of the spouse, the kids, the mother in law, the sister, the babysitter.  Its so worth it to everyone.

We will have a prize for the greatest change as well - that will be announced at the lecture.

Tuesday 19, June 2012


400m runs


Back squats


1 min each movement - total reps is score
Thrusters 40/25kg
Chest to bar pull ups

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday 18, June 2012


400m runs


Bench press


200m sprint
15 swings 32/24kg
10 plyo push ups


Saturday 16, June 2012

Well, I figured I didnt feel like running today, so instead I came up with this... not the best idea on my part!

10 min jump rope - singles
100 kettlebell swings AHAP
8 min jump rope
100 kettlebell upper cuts
6 min jump rope
100 kettlebell snatch
4 min jump rope
100 kettlebell v-twist
2 min jump rope

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fittest of the Sierras

Tomorrow in south lake Tahoe, will be the third anual competition.

Please if you have the time, go up and support our athletes competing.


Love you guys!!!

Friday 15, June 2012

Last day of the week, and Chandler has kicked my booty this week, how about you?


Strict press


10 thrusters 42.5/27.5kg
20 pull ups
30 toes 2 bar

Thursday 14, June 2012

Hey ya all - this is a WOD that goes way way back, and doing it today, I realized my endurance is in the toilet right now..  More sprints, I need more sprints, and maybe a few metcons a week over 10 minutes.





Chandler's Demise
10 power cleans 50/42.5kg (weight stays the same for each lift)
400m run
8 hang cleans
400m run
6 clean and jerk
400m run
4 snatch
500m row
6 clean and jerks
500m row
8 hang cleans
500m row
10 power cleans
500m row

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Supplements we recommend!

We find the world of supplements to be an unregulated dark and scary place filled with mysterious and sometimes worthless items, but once in a while we sometimes stumble upon a hidden gem!  Today's post is all about the supplements we recommend taking and currently take ourselves.

Here we go:

Fish Oil
  • Why it's important
    • It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties, thus lowering the effects of most inflammatory diseases.
    • We need Omega 3's to combat the massive amounts of Omega 6 (pro-inflammatory) available to us in the western world.
    • Omega 3's have been shown to significantly reduce cardiovascular disease
    • Do not use a flax supplement or any other plant based supplement for your Omega 3's as plant based Omega 3's come in the form of ALA, which our body cannot use and must convert to the usable form of EPA/DHA.  We are terribly inefficient at converting this and most is wasted in the process.
    • Take more fish oil if you are sick or just starting a Paleo diet (ie 2+g) and less if you are healthy and not inflamed (ie 1g)
    • Our favorite brands are Nordic Naturals and Carlsons, both of which can be found at Whole Foods Market.  
    • If you eat fish 3x a week or more then you probably won't need to supplement.  Just make sure that the fish is wild caught and not farm raised.  
Vitamin D
  • Why it's important
    • Vitamin D is important in combating autoimmune issues, Diabetes (type I and II), bone health, promoting calcium absorption in the gut, reducing inflammation and many more functions.
    • The best place to get it is from the sun and if you cannot be out in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day it would be wise to supplement with Vitamin D. 
    • Use about 1000 IU a day 
  • Why it's important
    • Magnesium helps maintain muscle and nerve function, bone health, it supports the immune system.
    • it calms the nerves and  relaxes the muscles allowing most people to overcome many different sleep issues.  I've seen quite a few people stop taking sleep aids when supplementing with Magnesium.
    • Start off with 0.5g right before bed then each week increase by a half a gram until you've reached 2g.  The reason I like people to ease into this is, because Magnesium is a diuretic and if you take too much to soon you will be in and out of the restroom more often than you would like!
    • The natural way to get extra Magnesium is from green veggies as the center of the Chlorophyll molecule contains Magnesium 
    • Our favorite supplement for Magnesium is Natural Calm
Protein Powder
  • I'm really not a fan of liquid nutrition, because of the glycemic load exhibited by it.  I would rather people eat Sweet Potatoes for recovery and some chicken breast or any other solid protein.
  • If you must take a protein powder, because we lead busy lives then I would suggest two brands of protein:
That is really all you need to take!  I know I know it's crazy talk that you don't need to visit GNC 14 times a week to pick up 26 different types of supplements and you don't need that extra trip to Home Depot to pick up a reinforced shelf to hold the massive amounts of pills required by "conventional nutritional wisdom".  With the saved money from this you can pick up some Primal Fuel!

~Coach Chandler, from my blog at
 Always consult a physician before starting a fitness program or changing your diet. Information found on this website is meant to support, but not replace your relationship with your physician.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday 13, June 2012

Jeeezzzzz Louissssseeeee Chandler today was a rough rough WOD.


Back squats


5 deadlifts 120/80kg
10 GHD situps
15 burpees

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Next Affiliate gathering is at BBCF!!!!

Mark your calendars, and be prepared for July 21st!!!

BBCF hosts the next affiliate charity workout in the biggest little affiliate seminar series July 21 at 9am!

Some info about this amazing cause:

Amanda Miller competed in the 2009 CrossFit games and sadly, lost her battle with cancer less than one year later.

In 2010, the first WOD of the 2010 Games was dedicated to her and now “Amanda” is known as one of the gold-standard for fitness and tenacity in all of CrossFit.

This single-wod, online competition allows athletes to train for and compete in a workout that raises awareness of cancer in children, and to attack a workout that is difficult and extremely challenging, with the same fight, tenacity and determination that Amanda Miller brought to everything she did.
Registration Fee: $20.00 for all competitors and participants. No pledges or fundraising required. Just register, and prepare to crush the wod on July 21, 2012 at BattleBorn CrossFit!

Go to and register under BattleBorn CrossFit, which is already signed up to be a host box for the Reno-Sparks CrossFit community.

Muscle Ups
Snatch 135/95lbs

Options for those who cannot do Muscle Ups will be:
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Snatch 115/75lbs 

A Paleo potluck will follow the event so be prepared to enjoy delicious food after the WOD!

Tuesday 12, June 2012

So, Monday was Coach Travis programming, the rest of the week are some of Coach Chandler's little ditties. Thursday dates all the way back to 2009 original workout. :-)


Bench press
Two sets of 5 at bar only, one set of 5 at 60%, one set of 3 at 80%, one set of 2 at 90%, final set of 5 at perceived 100%



Push press 60/40kg

Monday 11, June 2012

Back to the basics this week, after a long week of assessments! Great job by everyone, I know we got to see where we shine,m and some of us got to se where we need a little work... cough, cough, muscle ups for me.

First day of the week, hit it with a bang with one of Coach Travis and his favorite workouts, and a lady benchmark no less.


400m run
15 OHS 42.5/30kg


After the WOD if you feel up to it, we got some swell to put on with deadlifts.


Love ya all!

Saturday 9, June 2012

Mari, Kiki and Chandler KICKING some BURPEE ASS!

First Reno CrossFit Affiliate gathering for a charity WOD.

CrossFit Hope

1 min each movement

Box jumps
Pull ups

Thanks to CrossFit Black and Blue for hosting such a great event!

Let me tell you now not only the girls at BBCF like watching Andre workout!

Heather, is it over, is that you? I cant see, I'm blind, oh wait I just need to open my WOD drunk eyes!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday 8, June 2012

Woot woot you made it through the week - SOME OF YOU cherry picked even on the assessment, and didn't come on the days that we had something you may not want to do, or suck at.

Well, remember life us full of things we don't want to do, but we do them and we become stronger mentally, and sometimes physically.


Thursday 7, June 2012

Coming close to the end of our week. Everyone did so awesome, found some 1 rep max's that I could tell was shocking and exciting!!

How quick can you row a 2k, how about 2 mins of double unders?

Ummmmm, YES plates would of been easier, but in a pinch Johnathan and I will do!

Wednesday 6, June 2012

Day 3 of assessment!!!

Ohhhh what's your 1 rep max back squat, how long can you hold an L-sit for?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday 5, June 2012

Day two of our assessment week. What have you learned so far?

Well I can tell you watching my ladies pull 80kg off the ground when they swore they couldn't do it, my guys get there first kipping pull ups, my kids pistol squating, brings a certain joy to my heart.

Thanks everyone!

Today on the menu we had strict press, box jumps, knees to elbows etc.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Just a reminder at 9am at CrossFit Black and Blue on Matley Lane, we will be competing in the FGB style WOD "Hope"

There will be a Paleo style potluck after - doors open at 9, first heat at 9:30. they will have photographers etc. on site.

This is an awesome fund raiser, and a great way to show off your skills as an athlete in the Reno/Sparks location, along with representing and kicking some ass in the BBCF way!!!

Here is the link to register as an athlete for BBCF, along with any donations you may want to make.

CrossFit for HopeBattleBorn CrossFit is trying to raise $1000 to fight childhood cancer and other diseases. Help them make a difference. Show your support. Become a sponsor.

Monday 4, June 2012

Day 1 of our Assessment week!!!

Be sure to come in everyday this week to find your 1 rep max on your strength, max pull ups, etc.

We will have a make up day on Saturday of this week with both Brandon and I there to get you through anything you may of missed!!!

After the week, we will sit down and set up our goals for the next 6 months!

Saturday 2, June 2012

I really really really thought I was being way nicer than my normal Saturday's on this - think I was mistaken.

200m sprint
10 Dumbbell complex AHAP
*****movements for 1 complex are as follows

dumbbell push up
1 arm row
1 arm row (other arm)
dumbbell deadlift
dumbbell clean
dumbbell front squat (can take the last two moves and do 1 DB squat clean)
dumbbell press
= 1

Friday 1, June 2012

RTO here comes two BBCF teams!!!!


Muscle ups / Pull ups


Strict press


50 Tuck jumps
40 SDHP 42.5/30kg
30 Pull ups
20 Knees 2 elbows
10 Over head squats 42.5/30kg

Thursday 31, May 2012


Muscle ups / Pull ups


Back squats




Push ups
Sit ups


Plyo push ups
GHD sit ups / Toes 2 Bar

Wednesday 30, May 2012


Muscle ups / Pull ups


Bench press


20 KB thrusters - 1 in each hand 34/16kg
15 KB swings 32/24kg
10 Deadlifts @ BW
5 Ring push ups