There is NOTHING in Reno that can come close to our program!

We build fitness machines out of ordinary people, and humble elite level athletes everyday. Professionals, civil servants, Division 1 athletes, soccer moms, and grandparents all DESERVE the most effective training available.


All levels welcome - come in and try a week free!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday 30, November 2009

Today we had:

Burpee Helen

Run 400m
21 Kb Swings (24kg)
12 Burpees

Way to go everyone, this is a killer WOD and you all destroyed it!

Explosive strength training improves 5k running time by improving run economy and muscle power. Great article!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday 29, November 2009


Power Clean (60kg)
Kettle bell Swing (24kg)
Handstand Push up

Heard some great grunts and groans on this one!

A new study, published in The Journal of Physiology, shows that short bursts of very intense exercise — equivalent to only a few minutes per day — can produce the same results as traditional endurance training. Check it out!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday 28, November 2009

Awesome WOD today and amazing performances by everyone!

4x Intermediate or 5x Advanced

Row-20 Calories
15 Thrusters 42.5kg
12 Pull-ups

Nice to see you back in the box Dave!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday 27, November 2009

Happy black Friday to all!

5 x

10 squats 60kg
8 double unders
6 hand stand push ups

Awesome job everyone!

I will see you all in a week, but leaving you all in SUPER capable hands!

6am - Travis
7am - Ryan
10am - Chandler
4pm - Ryan
6pm - Mel, Chandler, Ryan, Matt, Travis (you 6pm guys will be over loaded with coaches)

Be watching the blog for the workouts I will be doing while in Mexico - I have brought a jump rope, and Matt's TRX system, and there is a "gym" at the resort - tried to think of a way to carry on a kettlebell but figured TSA might frown at that. LOL!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday 25, November 2010


"Turkey Twins"

2 rounds

200m backwards run
25 goblet squats 24kg
25 burpees
400m run
25 kettlebell swings 24kg
25 wall balls 20lbs
400m run
25 pull ups
25 turkish get-ups 25lbs
200m run backwards
rest 1 min if needed

Wednesday 25, November 2009

Ahhhhhhh we have a coach penalty - it actually is n everyone penalty for this WOD, just my bad as coach because I forgot something. What is it you ask??? Everyone who was in today owes 45 burpees.... The workout had burpees in it also. :0)

400m run
21 OHS 42.5kg
21 pull ups
400m run
15 OHS
15 pull ups
400m run
9 pull ups
400m run

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thursday - Turkey Trot in the am for those who are interested.

11:00am normal WOD for some pre turkey consumption

Friday - 9:00am
FMP at 5:oopm

Saturday and Sunday back to normal schedules. :-)


Just wanted to let everyone know that our very own Dave Fish (some of you have not had the opportunity to meet him due to the training he has been in for the Ironman this past weekend). His girlfriend Nancy also competed, and since I don't know her last name I can not give you her results - sorry Nancy!

Ironman Arizona November 22nd 2009

What is Ironman?

Ironman is one of the most grueling events in the world of sport, and also one of the most inspiring. Ironman features a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a complete marathon (26.2 miles) all in succession. Athletes have 17 hours to complete the event (from the 7 a.m. start until midnight).

Total competitors 2516

Overall place 518th

Age division ranking 51 out of 264

Total time 11:16:22

Dave you are such an inspiration to us all - now get your butt back into CrossFit, WE MISS YOU!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday 24, November 2009

Today was a older WOD from last year, and a Drew Canavero special. That right there should tell you it was a tuff WOD.

5 x

15 deadlifts
12 hang power cleans
9 front squats
6 push jerk

Pick a weight that is heavy but a manageable weight you can maintain for the entire workout. Go heavy, go hard, kick ass!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday 23, November 2009

Today was a fun one - booty lock and all...

800m run

Weighted bottom to bottom tabata squats - 20lbs

400m run

Weighted bottom to bottom tabata squats - 20lbs

800m run

Ohhhh the butt is locked, and we all look a little silly running on that last 800m run.

Great job, Matt took the board with a sub 17min WOD - NICE!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday 22, November 2009

Coach Chandler is in the box with a kick as WOD...

AMRAP 20 mins

3 power snatch
5 sumo dead lift high pulls
7 hand stand push ups


Heard a rumor Brock was back in the box too...... HMMMMMM

Saturday 21, November 2009

Regular WOD


20 pushups
30 situps
40 squats

FMP - Avalanche

wearing a 25 -45lb ruck sack (weight vest)

4 x
400m run
50 squats

Kettlebell swing Ladder
3 rounds 5 swings min rest

400m run
10 burpees

3 fifteen foot rope ascents

400m run
25 step ups - each leg

3 rounds
kettlebell swing ladder
4 long jumps (2 forward 2 back)

If not done in an hour

1 mile run

(We ran) :0)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Full Mission Profile

Regular class time at 9am and 4pm...

Full Mission Profile for those who are in at 10am - be prepared and come enjoy!!!!

Friday 20,November 2009

WOW - today was a good day for new PR's in the box!!!! Almost everyone had a new PR, and those who did not have a new PR were new to deads and hit some great numbers!

Today tied in beautifully with the main site, so post your loads there as well!



Two options here, you could start at your 70% of you max, and work your way up, or just go for it big dog style and see where you finish!

Metcon was a fun team workout -

5 rounds
6 turkish get-ups
10 tire flips

So, while one is doing T get-ups the other is flipping tire, then you switch, and when both of you has done each movement, you completed one round.

Few notes on lifts today - max for the board was J.C. with 191kg - sweet! Ryan cleared his PR by 20 - nice! Scott got a good one, which then pushed Steve at 7am to max a new PR. All and all - beautiful!!!!


Wednesday the 25th = normal class times

Thursday the 26th = 11am class only (meet us at the Sparks Marina for a 2k run/walk or a 10k run at 7:45am if you need something earlier).

Friday the 27th = 9am and 4pm only

Back on schedule for Saturday the 28th....


Also, reminder I will be on vacation that following week, so you will have the amazing coaching staff of : Travis, Ryan, Chandler, Mel, Matt, with some help from Scott and Jerad. :0)

Thanks to you guys for letting my loose for a few days to relax, enjoy, and think up some crazy new WOD's!

Thursday 19, November 2009

Sorry guys my home computer was doing some virus scan thing, and it would not let me open the blog page. I don't know maybe there was a way around it, but..... It's me :0)

3 rounds

800 m run
50 double unders - 150 regular jumps

This week was a nice hard week, we had some great WOD's including the CF football Hero WOD, and a main site Hero WOD with rope climbs.

Great job everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paleo Pot Luck - November 20th


Friday the 20th at 7pm

POTLUCK - bring your friends, bring your family, and chow down on some delicious food!!!!

See you all there!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday 18, November 2009

All I have to say is F#@K this was a destruction of the body WOD!

Tommy V

21-15-9 thrusters 52kg/28kg
15-9-6 rope climbs 15ft

So do 21 thrusters, 15 rope climbs, 15 thrusters, 9 rope climbs, 9 thrusters, 6 rope climbs

Dear god all mighty!

Congrats to Ryan, Chandler, Matt, and Denny for RX'd across the board, and Sonja for all the rope climbs. Nice job!

Paleo Cookies - old post reposted

With Sam gone, someone is going to have to take up the reins of Paleo cookie making - so here is the yumminess for you all.

Paleo Cookies (Original recipe - Dave Fish)

Paleo Cookies Ingredients

2 cups raw honey (Mothers Market has some excellent raw organic honey)
2 cups ground walnuts (grind them in food processor)
4 cups ground almonds
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup dried fruit (raisins or cranberries)
*** 3 Scoops of Whey Protein totalling 150 grams of Protein if desired

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Lightly grease cookie sheet ( I use Pam spray)
Warm honey in sauces pan until melted and cool slightly
Place the ground nuts and cinnamon (Protein Powder) in a large bowl and mix together
Pour melted honey onto nut mixture and stir until well blended
Stir in dried fruit
Place the mixture onto cookie sheet and spread it evenly to meet all edges
Bake for 15-20 minutes.

I let cool in pan for at least 2 hours to set and then cut in to squares.
If you can let it sit over night the cookies come out really nice.
It is helpful to put the squares into muffin papers or on wax paper for the obvious sticky consistency of the cookie.
When we did the math we found the cookies lacked enough protein to be Zone friendly.
If you want to experiment add Whey Protein Powder to the mix and up the protein for a more Zone friendly snack.

Surviving the Holiday Weight Game

This is a great link to an e-book for the Holidays - I know some of you on our Paleo Challenge were freaking out over the Holidays, and like I said strive for 100%, reach 80% and see the changes it will make in your life.

A way of life is what we are accomplishing here - not a fad diet, not a oh lets loose 10 pounds and then I am done with this meat, nuts, and veggie thing. A change for the better - an overall way of life including Health, Fitness, and Nutrition while still living Life to it's fullest!!!!

Enjoy your Holiday season!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday 17, November 2009

Today we went on a whole different path than yesterday, something is a burnin, and it is not our butt's today. ;0)

Tabata Sit and Hold

20 min tabata with 5 movements performed in natural tababta style of 4mins per movement of 20 seconds on 10 seconds "rest".

V-twists (Russian twist) weighted
rest is in the working position
Push ups
rest is in the push up plank position, or the down position (chest almost touching floor)
Weighted jack knifes
rest is in the jack knife position
Mountain climbers
rest is in the climb position
Hand stand push ups
rest is rest.

Phew our stabilizer muscles are FRIED!!!

Note for tomorrow, wear LONG SOCKS or PANTS.....

Also, it is Matt's birthday - WOOT WOOT Matt!!!! Also, for those of you who know Mel, it is his lovely wife Marj's birthday as well!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 16, November 2009

Today we had a HERO WOD of a new sort - still a ass kicker of a workout, still a embrace the suck kinda day, still a hard as nails kinda WOD. The difference is, this one came from CrossFit Football as an honor to a fallen soldier.....


5 x
30 overhead walking lunges with 60kg
200m sprint
30 kettlebell swings with 32kg

1st LT Ron Winchester - In 2000, Ron played in Navy's biggest football game of the season, against Army - and his best friend. There were no hard feelings when Navy beat Army 30-28. "He was like my brother. We had a lot of fun together," said former Army defensive tackle and pal Doug Larson. "He was independent, but we were both dependent on each other." Winchester, 25, of Rockville Center, N.Y., was killed Sept. 3 by a roadside bomb in Iraq’s Anbar province. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 2001 and was on his second tour in Iraq. "Ron was a very gregarious type of individual who was always in the middle of things," said his father, also named Ronald. "He was a true leader, always respected by his peers and dedicated to what he was doing." Winchester also is survived by his mother, Marianna. "When he came home last time, he sat in the dining room telling stories," family friend Maureen Chiaramonte said. "He said, 'Aunt Mo, you know what it's like. You get a choice to sit on the bench or play the game. I don't want to sit on the bench."
Remembering Ron Winchester

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday 15, November 2009

Coach Chandler is in the box today - he has a great WOD planned out for us all

3 rounds
10 L-pull ups
20 GHD sit ups
30 Box jumps - 20 inch

Be there at 4pm to get my butt kicked with this one! Thanks Chandler

Saturday 14, November 2009

Today is a combition of a thank you to Ryan (he gave me the move) and me and my sadistic (or so I have been called) mind.

Karen Killed A Man

150 ball slam burpee wall balls

What the - you are asking right now....

Ball slam
down into a burpee
grabbing the ball as you are coming up from the ground
throwing the ball from your squat position = wall ball


For those of you who did the FMP today it was a beautiful kick your ass sideways WOD(s).

Started with


Air squats
Pull - ups
Kettlebell swings (24kg)


4 rounds of

10 deadlifts - 60kg
10 back squats - 42.5kg
10 renegade rows - also known as man makers with 25lb dumbbells


1000 m carry of 50lbs stopping for 25 push ups every minute....
To be done in 45mins

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 13, November 2009

Well the end of another great week at BBCF. We finished the week with a good strength/technique day for our Clean and Jerk progression this week.

Hang / Power Cleans

(these are not a max out set or new PR set - this is to get you nice and warm so you nail the next load.)

Clean and Jerk


Increasing weight each load till failure.

Short but sweet way to end the day

50 burpees!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday 12, November 2009

Phew today was a good WOD - I left it up to you on the distance you wanted to row or run. Depending on how you felt after this week. :0)

4 rounds
400 or 800m run (substitute a 500m or 1000m row)
50 air squats (touching your butt to the ball)

Cole blew the 400m run out of the water with a sub 12 min WOD, along with Chandler.

Mel did a sub 16 min WOD with an 800m run

J.C. dug deep and did the 800m challenge - an did awesome!

Great job to everyone

Mark's Daily Apple - Grains

Please if you have not had a chance to check out Mark Sissons Daily Apple page - take the time to read this and browse around his page. Great article on the different reasons why people insist they need an over abundance of grains, but in essence don't!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday 11, November 2009

Tabata today - few rough days with some heavy hard metcons. So today we had a good body weight WOD!

Push - ups
Box jumps - 20 inch
Pull - ups
Row - 100m

So 16 mins of 4 movements - 4 mins of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off per movement.

It's a good day - good WOD, stretches us out after yesterdays brutalnes, but got our heart rates up and a few different muscles burning!!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday 10, November 2009

What an amazing day in the box today!

At first with only my lone 6amer (Angie) I was a little concerned, but as the day went on it had a feeling of exhaustion and sense of accomplishment all rolled in to one box packed day!!!

We did the African Qualifier today which was last done in our month of Qualifiers in June of 09.


Deadlifts 125kg/70kg
Burpees (5 only each round)
Squat clean and jerks 60kg/40kg

AWESOME JOB everyone!

And a quick shout out to all my new people who have made the commitment to CrossFit, or just came in to see what we are all about. In the last 4 days there has been 11 of you, and that makes me so excited!!!! Thanks guys!!!!

Paleo Pot Luck - November 20th

Hey guys and gals -

November 20th, 7:00pm

Paleo Pot Luck

Let's all bring in a favorite dish, and I will bring my new Paleo cook book, and we can all ohhhh and ahhhh over the great ideas and yummy dishes we will all be looking forward to making!

See you all in the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday 9, November 2009

The air is crisp today, slight breeze in the air - what does this mean for us at BBCF???

A nice quick run with some great strengthening movements for the back and our major stability muscles..


3 x

800m run
50 sit ups
50 back extensions

Should result in a slight case of booty lock - which is always a good sign. :-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday 8, November 2009

Chandler's day.....

We did run the World Run 5K at Idelwild Park today as well. A fundraiser for one of our BBCF members and their family. Beautiful day, beautiful run, great food and friends! Thanks guys!!!

Saturday 7, November 2009

A good WOD for a butt burner and technique day...

100 squats
2 muscle ups
80 squats
4 muscle ups
60 squats
6 muscle ups
40 squats
8 muscle ups
20 squats
10 muscle ups

Sub for muscle ups - 4 to 1 (4 pull ups 4 dips)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday Full Mission Profile

Regular class times at 9am and 4pm today


FMP at Sports West (yes a globo gym - but we need the pool)
Bring swim attire, running shoes, and a strong will and desire to show the "norm" what we CrossFitters DO!!!!!

Can meet at BBCF and follow us over, or at Sports West!

Friday 6, November 2009

Solid day of technique and strength based lifts to finish off our first official week of Olympic lift training.

Over head squats


Metcon to finish off the day....

AMRAP in 10 minutes

12 snatch 30kg/18kg
10 push ups

Great job everyone - before you know it we will all be "snatching" machines! :)

Thursday 5, November 2009

Today was a good old WOD we have done when the rest of the body is fried, but we have one part left to kill for the week.

21 strict press - 60kg (holy heavy)
Run 400m
21 push press - 60kg
Run 400m
21 push jerk - 60kg
Run 400m

Good energy in the box today - had 3 men complete the WOD at RX'd - great job to Kevin, Travis, and Chandler.

Don't be discouraged if you did not do RX, the weight was HEAVY - no matter what weight you did, you did AMAZING!!!!

Thanks to Coach Rob Ord for stopping in and working out with the 6pm class - it was great to have you there with us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday 4, November 2009

Today was another one of those laying in bed the night before thinking about what to do in the box. Had a different workout planned, but after the lunges and sit-ups I re-thought it so today we have....

AMRAP 20 minutes

7 kettlebell swings - heavy
5 1 arm kettlebell snatch right arm
5 1 arm kettlebell snatch left arm
3 burpees

Ahhh it is a thing of beauty. :-)

Thanks to my 3 newbies for fighting threw the full 20 minutes today - Brian, Sean and Josh. Great job you guys!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday 3, November 2009

Ahhhh nothing quite feels like an over head walking lunge....

50m over head walking lunge - 20kg
50 weighted sit-ups 20lbs

50m is down to the Sherwin Williams garage door and back - for those of you coached by Jason (haha)

Great job everyone!

Funny story for you - did the WOD at 10am, got done rubbed a nice strip raw on my butt, went into the woman's locker room saw the hand sanitizer and thought - ahhh I should probably clean it. Well, I will leave it at that, and you can make up the rest. :-)

Monday 2, November 2009

Today we had our 4 week Paleo WOD

Fight Gone Bad

3 - 5 min rounds, 1 minute on each exercise with a 1 minute break between rounds

Wall ball 20lbs
Sumo dead lift high pulls 35kg
Box jump 20in
Push press 35kg

We had tons of PR's set in the gym today, including Ryan, Kevin, Matt, Torrey, and Lindsey just to name a few!

Woot Woot!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday 1, November 2009

Nice coaching by Chandler today - and great 9am class!!!


Hand stand push ups
Ring dips
Box jumps 24 in
GHD sit ups

Great WOD!

Saturday 31, October 2009


Today we have the main site WOD with a little added bonus in there for you.

25 squats
25 push ups
25 pull ups
25 sit ups
400m run
50 squats
50 push ups
50 pull ups
50 sit ups
500m row
75 squats
75 push ups
75 pull ups
75 sit ups
400m row

Nice job everyone at 10am - and especially Ryan at 4pm for pushing threw this WOD by yourself!

Friday 30, October 2009

Sorry guys, I can push around a lot of weight but when my computer does not want to work - I'm lost!

So, Fridays WOD was:


Back extensions
with a 400m run after each round or number.

21 back ext
21 sit-ups
18 back ext
18 sit-ups