There is NOTHING in Reno that can come close to our program!

We build fitness machines out of ordinary people, and humble elite level athletes everyday. Professionals, civil servants, Division 1 athletes, soccer moms, and grandparents all DESERVE the most effective training available.


All levels welcome - come in and try a week free!

Friday, October 30, 2009


So today in my ramblings on the Internet (should I be working you ask? YES - shhhhh!)

I found this video, it made me smile and made my eyes tear up - I have been accused of being flirtatious, over the top, touchy, feely, but it all just comes down to love, and feeling the over empowering joy of knowing someone, anyone (sometimes) cares to feel you close to them, and wants you to know how wonderful a HUG can make your day! That, and I love hugs!!!

Please watch the following video, and share it with your friends and family, before you know it we will all be welcoming and giving freely hugs for the simple pleasure of knowing we can!

Love you guys!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 29, October 2009


Today was a good one (I think)

5 x

15 hang squat cleans at 60kg
30 push ups

That was a grunter of a WOD - that is all I know! I can't think of one quiet person in the box today!!!!

Holy cow Chandler blew the WOD away with a sub 13!

Check out the main page and Ty's 48inch box jump - those pics are cool!!!!

14 Ways to Save $$$$$ being Paleo

Thanks to Chandler for finding the article, and thank you to Kelli for posting it on CrossFit Maximus website.

14 Ways to Save Money Being Paleo

1. HUNT, FISH, or FORGE - Reconnect with your caveman roots and get your food straight from the source. Or, if that's not really you - ask your friends there are lots of hunters here in Nevada, you never know one of them might take you out show you how, or let you have some of their catch - but be prepared to be the forager, and give em some berries or nuts. :-)

2. Be your own transportation - It's no secret gas is expensive, so take advantage of nice weather and bike walk or run.

3. Never pay for water - Lets all get ourselves one of those nice aluminum water bottles - less the BPA in plastic bottles, and never pay for water again.

4. Bring your own bags - Some stores are giving discounts to those who bring in their own bags - save the environment, and get a discount? Sweet!

5. Eat at home - Eating out is expensive! Put your chef hat on and get acquainted with preparing your food at home. Lots of recipes and instructions on the net, or just ask one of your Paleo buddies what they like.

6. Buy things in season - Fruits and veggies, when in season, are not only more nutritious and flavorful but also much less expensive. Stock up on frozen fruits and veggies as well as freeze or dehydrate fresh fruits and veggies to last you throughout the off season.

7. Costco - Stock up in bulk on your nuts, spices, olive oil, fish oil, even your meats - though it may not be grass fed, or pastured, it is still a good source of the fats, and proteins we need.

7. Make your own snacks - Mix up your own trail mix, dry your own jerky or even fruits for a tasty treat.

9. Quit drinking - Entirely - no not necessarily, but cut back and see a change in your metabolism, and your performance in your WOD's.

10. Eliminate the latte factor - $4 a day can be a lot to add up to like around $1400.00 for a year if you drank one close to everyday - pays for your box membership plus. :-) Besides that, watch the sugar and those spots we hate, be it love handles, or muffin top - sugar = blahhh. Try black coffee or tea for that caffeine high.

11. Experiment with intermittent fasting - Occasional breaks from food is OK (24 hours or less) can help increase insulin sensitivity and improve fat mobilization. 1 day of IF a week can cut your grocery bill by 15%.

12. Grow your own - If you have the space and the time, grow it and share it with all your Paleo friends.

13. Recycle - Save your bottles = cash

14. Less expensive cuts of meat - The great thing about Paleo is that you do not have to be afraid of fat. You can go for the less expensive poultry - drumsticks with the skin on it, bone in, skin on breasts (stay so much more moist than the boneless skinless ones) with beef, use a crock pot, ground beef or meat sauce, dice it for stew. Canned meats - inexpensive way to eat as well.


Art Ladanga - GET WELL!

Hi guys - most of you know Art, and his beautiful daughters Jackie and Jenny.

Well Art has had some intestinal problems for a few years now, and the medical community had a hard time diagnosing it. Yesterday, after a cat scan at the ER - it was found he had an "adhesion" in his intestinal tract.
He went in for surgery, they cleared it up and he will be good to go before we know it.

He is doing good and annoying not only his wife Flor, but the doctor with constant questions of when he can get back to CrossFit!

You go Art!!!!!

He is at Renown, Tower Building room 306.

See you soon Art, we love you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday 28,October 2009

Today was a great day in the box!!!

We had some outstanding numbers on the board!

CrossFit Total

Back squat
Shoulder press

1 max rep on each total combined lifts = score for the day.

So, you build up with 2 lifts prior to our third and final lift

Rep 1 = what your max 3 rep weight is
Rep 2 = what you know your 1 maz rep is
Rep 3 = your new one max rep!!!!

Mel thank you again for not CF Totaling out, and helping with class tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday 27,October 2009

A nice lady WOD for your beautiful Tuesday.



Squat Cleans 60kg
Ring dips

First time most of us have done Elizabeth, and she like all the other ladies lives up to her name.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday 26, October 2009

After a long hard amazing weekend, we had a good hip opening body awakening metcon today.

5 rounds

10 burpee box jumps
20 heavy kettlebell swings (if you normally swing a 16kg, move to a 20kg)
250m row

This was a great way to start off the week!

Olympic Lift Certification Oct 24th and 25th

First and foremost thank you so much to the staff of Coaches that came to BBCF!!!
Second thank you to all the attendees for coming and making the amazing cert happen!

OK, so no idea where to start other than there will be some great changes in the box starting Monday the 2nd of November. I will actually be implementing them in all week, but I need to get my programming readjusted, and look at my notes etc.

Please take note, that Travis, Mel, Chandler, Scott, Jason, Gene, Alena, Ryan, and Denny all attended the certification this weekend. So please, as always if you feel you are struggling on a movement, or even the warm up drills we will be doing, ask any of us. We are so excited to share the knowledge we learned, and wanting all of you to grow and become stronger and faster with the help of the explosive Olympic lifts.

There is so much to say, but more so - so much to demonstrate!

Also, a huge thank you to the BBCF members mentioned above that attended the cert this weekend, your knowledge and ability helps me and everyone else - we all appreciate you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 23, October 2009

Holy madness!!!

Fran was in the house today!!!

Thrusters 42.5kg

We had record PR's set by minutes, and we had them set by seconds! All and all you guys kicked Fran's ass today. Note - I know by the gasping quivering bodies on the floor it did not feel that way, but you did!

There is one I just have to mention....

Travis 2:22 RX'D - shaved 33 seconds off of hi last Fran time. WOW!


Hey guys, just a reminder we have the Olympic Lift Certification at the gym.

Sorry for the inconvenience, you can always call, text, or email me and I will think of awesome stupendous WOD for you to do at your closest park!


Warrior Dream

A lot of what we do is to protect ourselves.
We get locked into our roles, and then we are not as effective as we can be,
Because we are holding onto people and things that are stifling us...
Letting go of what we are aware that it no longer serves us now
And walking into the unknown is taking the next step as a
It's about being out front... moving beyond limits.
There is an innate desire in all creatures to grow.
Yet in any type of growth and change,
Something has to end for
Something new to begin.
Alice (mother of Daniel Cnossen)
A blog Chandler sent to me - please read and remember we all have the Warrior spirit in us sometimes we always know it is there, sometimes it takes an act to pull it out of us. None the less it is there! Love to you all!

Thursday 22, October 2009

Sorry for the delay on Thursday's WOD posting. Went to dinner and had a Paleo-ish meal with family and had a great time!

So today was a "Skills/Suck" day at BBCF

We had some great skills worked on....

Over Head Squats by Mike
Pull-ups by Amsha
Double unders by Jason

We had some great WOD's performed

Linda 3 bars of Death by Travis in under 19 mins
Fran by Matt in 6:05
Big 5 "55" by Ryan and Brandon under 16mins
Diane by Sonja and Chad

We had some fun "makeup" a WOD as well

Michelle and Catherine busting threw with 5 rounds of 10 lunges, 15 med ball sit ups, 250m row

Sam 4 rounds 400m run, 50 KB swings

Mel AMRAP of 3 muscle ups, 5 squat cleans at 50kg - 13 rounds with 3 more mu's

Danielle, Jenny, Art, Lindsey - 3 rounds of 15 of 5 movements
Turkish get ups
Box jumps
KB swings
Wall balls

Awesome job to everyone at BBCF today - way to take a day that normally people would say ahhhh - suck day and turn it into a sweat inducing kick ass day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday 21, October 2009

Great hump day in the BBCF box today!!!

5k run
5k row

Was really supposed t be a run but the nice coach Jason gave the option f a row so we left it that way for the day. :-)

Had some great numbers and new PR's on the board, but two I would like to mention.

Torey 19:45 5k row
Brian 18:59 5k run

Holy sweet Jesus you guys did amazing!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday 20,October 2009



Solid effort with form and weight working with heavy weight until failure.

I asked the 6pm class if anyone hit a new PR today, and we all realized this was the first time we had done thrusters this way. So, it was PR's all the way around. LOL

Metcon to follow was a pretty little 12 min tabatta....

Push press - 20kg
Push ups

First 8 mins is back and forth between push press and push ups for total reps, followed by 4 mis on the rower for total calories - total reps + total calories = score

We had some amazing weights on the thrusters from a high of 50kg for our ladies to a high of 95kg for our men. Great job guys!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

World Run Day Nov 8th 2009

So, this is a great run, walk or even bike ride for everyone to do, it is a nice easy 5K at Idlewild Park on Sunday November 8th 2009.

For those of you who know Travis, this event has a background story, and I want to share it with you all to remind you of how close thing can hit home.

Laurie, Travis's beautiful wife has an aunt named Christy who was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia (Multiple Myeloma) in August of 2008. Christy has three grown children, and two of them - her daughters are putting this event together as a fundraiser for Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

On behalf of Travis, his wife, cousins, and aunt - they would be honored for any of us to come and share this special run with them.

Sunday, November 8th 2009 at 9:00am.

$25.00 entry fee

Please note the deadline for registration is October 25th to ensure you get your t-shirt. :0)

Registration can be sent to:

3355 Thornhill Dr. Reno, NV 89509

Checks made payable to Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation - please include t-shirt size

(or throwing Travis out on a limb here - you can give it to him)!

Your body and its "Natural' composition/weight

Hi guys -

So, I get lots of different emails and blog posts I check and like to share them with you at times when I see one that truly makes me think - hmmmmm I like that one - let's share it.

This comes from a IF (intermittent fasting) author Brad Pilon - he has years of experience in the supplement industry, plus took a shot at bodybuilding. He has some great things to say a lot of the time, and has given up the supplements, and the bodybuilding - he is into IF, and having a healthy functional lifestyle. I have included his link at the bottom of this post written by Brad.

I like this a lot, because you will hear us in the box talking about being "happy" at our natural weight - or that our bodies are at their genetic size. We of course say this after our lifestyle changes, including functional movements, great foods, and all around good lifestyles.

Do you believe in set weight theory? I thought maybe, so I asked around, and it's a popular idea.
But here's the rub, people with 30% body fat are telling me that they are at their set weight.
A woman 5"3 weighing 210lbs told me she had lost 30lbs, and this was what her body really wanted to weigh.

Is this true?

I figured it there was a "set point" it was at least a healthy one with 20-ish% fat or less?

Here is my answer:

There are actually TWO set points you need to be concerned with...

The first is your GENETIC set point that determines how much lean body mass you carry.
The second is your ENVIROMENTAL set point for your body fat levels.

Your genetics determine how much muscle and lean body mass you are capable of carrying. This is mostly tied to your final adult height.
Your enviromental determines how much body fat you carry.

This includes: How you were brought up, your daily activities, the friends you have, where you live, your economic and social status.... These are the things that determine how much body fat you have.

Both set points are CHEAT-ABLE TO A DEGREE.

To change your body fat set point you need to change your enviroment. You need to change your HABITS. You need these changes to permeate through your friends and family. Everyone needs to except the changes you are making in your lifestyle. Losing weight without changing your lifestyle habits is like helping a drug addict recover, then throwing them back onto the streets, with the same friends, and same money issues = same lifestyle.
They are bound to become drug addicts again.

The same thing happens when you loose weight.
If you loose 20 or 30 pounds, then go back to your old lifestyle, eating the same food and amounts you used to eat, no matter if its with your same friends, or doing your same exercise you used to do before you lost weight then you are GOING to gain the WEIGHT BACK.

Long term weight loss, and healthy lifestyles requires a complete shift in how you live.

Bottom line, there ARE such things as "set points", however ENVIROMENT is the main component of your body fat set point and no matter what your genetics are, your enviroment is the biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy level of body fat.

CHANGE YOUR HABITS AND LIFE STYLE long term, and you can lose weight and keep it off long term.


Brad Pilon

So, this is the jist of his post - I thought I would share it for those of us who just started the Paleo Challenge, and for those of us who have that few extra pounds we may or may not need to loose. Whatever it may be, by changing your lifestyle, giving up those processed foods, and carrying on with CrossFit, or the functional movements you may be doing in your garage - it will change! YOU WILL SEE IT AND FEEL IT!!!

Fall Rowing Challenge Results

Great job rowers!!!!
BattleBorn CrossFit place 110 out of 256 teams!
With 11 rowers we rowed a total of 615,911 meters in 30 days. Average per person was 55,992!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday 19, October 2009


Five rounds for time of:

7 Muscle-ups - or 4 pull ups and 4 dips for every muscle-up
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 21 reps

Post time to comments.

1LT Tyler E. Parten, 24, of Arkansas, died Sept. 10 in Konar province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit using rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado.

We have a lot of fun in the BBCF box - but there are the days that we have a reminder that not everyone is having as much fun as we are. Today we honor a new HERO WOD - Tyler. Wee will get our asses kicked while doing this WOD, but in he back of our minds we need to always remember to say thanks!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Schedule

Saturday 9am class only

Sunday - WOD at 9am at Damonte Ranch - Run for Education 5k or 10k (no class at the gym today - flooring)

There is a new Hero WOD posted on the main site named "Tyler" we will be doing this WOD Monday. :(

Please remember with all the fun we have at BBCF there are still men and woman fighting for our rights and lives daily - we honor and thank them for all they do!


Sunday 10-18-09
Damonte Ranch High School
10k and 5k events
Start time 9am - get there early for pre registration

This is a local race that raises money purely for local schools P.E./fitness budgets (which of course is $0.00 - so all the money for our schools P.E. programs comes from the Race for Education!!!!)

Let's try to get as many people out there and running and support another great program!

Thanks for the reminder Torrey!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fiday 16, October 2009


Fight Gone Bad

yeap in 80's attire!!!!

3 five minute rounds with 1 minute per movement - moving on until the end of the 5 minutes with a 1 minute rest between rounds.

Row - for calories
Wall ball 20lb
Sumo deadlift high pull 35kg
Box jump 20in
Push press 35kg

Score = your total number of reps!!!!

Thursday 15, October 2009

Back squats


4 x 400m sprints
2 min rest between rounds

2 burpee penalty for every second your time goes up from your lowest round. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 14, October 2009

WOW this was a new one for us...

30 muscle-ups for time


120 pull ups
120 dips

The sub on this is way worse than the workout - DAMN those muscle ups!!!!

It was a good day to see where we stand with a move like this. We have a few who can do one or two, we have a few who can complete with jumping muscle-ups, then we have Travis, Mel, and Chandler...

I would love to see the three of them side by side the next time we do this WOD!

Awesome job to everyone, and I know for sure a new PR for Mel, and I believe Travis and Chandler as well!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Friday is


Come on in dressed in your favorite leotard, and mullet - get a good workout in, and laugh while we groove to the 80's!

Tuesday 13, October 2009


Power cleans 42.5kg/25.5kg
Back extensions
Sit ups

Nice well rounded metcon for a rainy Tuesday.

Good job to everyone, Mel and Chandler set a brutal pace tonight with a sub 8 time. Torrey is sandbagging me on weight - so she knows the next time it is going up.

Dave Fish stopped by at the 6pm class and rowed for a while - everyone give a shout out to Dave!!!! HEYYYY!!!

All and all another AMAZING day at BBCF!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday 12, October 2009

Good Monday to you all!

Start of the new 90 day Paleo/Primal Challenge!! Rocking the start of a new healthy lifestyle in the BBCF box!

WOD today was "easy for a Monday" my 6amers said....

15 pistol left leg
15 pistol right leg
25 situps
12 pistol left leg
12 pistol right leg
25 situps
9 pistol left leg
9 pistol right leg
25 situps
800m run


Didn't see to easy to me - pistols are hard!

Great job everyone - and a special shout out to Francis, who as I am aware was the only one RX'd on this WOD - meaning only one who could do actual pistols!!! NICE JOB!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday 11, October 2009


Push ups
row - for calories

Nice one Chandler!

Shout out to Jim "Hutch" who ran his first marathon this Sunday n Chicago. Jim is a long over due original member of CrossFit. He ran his marathon in 4:30! Nice job Hutch - see you in the box soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday 10, October 2009

Today we have our regular WOD for the box...


21 deadlifts 102kg
15 thrusters 42.5kg
15 pull ups
9 squat cleans 60kg
9 ring dips

YEAP - a combination of three of the best lady WODS out there:
Diane - Fran - Elizabeth

Then this morning we had an amazing FMP - it been a while but the group nailed it!!!!

1.5 mile run with 25-35lb vest on

5 x
100 m run
10 burpees

10 deadlifts (3 loads to choose from, but we did) 60kg - medium
5 clean and jerks (again heavy,medium,light to choose from) 42.5kg - medium

1.5 mile run with 25-35lb vest on

for time.

Friday 9, October 2009

Toda was a cool etcon from the main site that seemed to have no rhyme or reason to rep count, but was enjoyed by all!

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps,
20 inch box
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 35 pound dumbbells
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Rope climb ascents or 45 towel pull ups

Friday, October 9, 2009

One Degree

First I would like to thank a friend of Jason and I for his "Feel Good Friday" email.

John Mariotti owner of Universal TaeKwon-Do in Fernley - thank you for this short movie and the following blurb you wrote.

"212 the movie is a short piece about the difference one degree can make. At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 degrees water boils. And with boiling water comes steam. Steam can power a locomotive. With this opening 212 the movie sets us on a path of realization that our lives are really about the difference between being hot and being boiling.
Between average, good and great. It is often said that good is the biggest enemy of great. All too often we settle for good enough. And let the greatness slip through our fingers.

What are you doing right now that is one degree? In order to get what you have never gotten you must do what you have never done. Infuse your goals with passion and a single minded focus and you will be surprised what you can accomplish."

Here is the movie:

Enjoy the movie, and watch it when you have time to stop and think - what is it I desire, what is it that I know I could give that 1 degree to?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 8, October 2009

This is the one lady WOD - I just don't think is very lovely, or as Ryan put it today - Helen must of really pissed someone off!


3 rounds

400m run
21 kb swings 24kg
12 pull ups

for time

We had a few PR's today, and I may of missed one with Travis his time was ridiculous though! :0)

Travis 7:24 new P.R. (just looked at BTWB)
Mel 8:06 new P.R.
Ryan 9:18 new P.R.

Torrey is a geting a big shout out for doing Helen as RX'd with kipping pull ups the entire time!

Way to go everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday 7, October 2009

Like I said nice strength day today...


Metcon to finish the day...

3 x 500m row sprints with a 1 minute rest

Today had some impressive numbers hit the board

Kevin had a mighty 90kg snatch
Chandler got a new PR at 70kg (knew you had it in you)
Torrey got 38.5kg with a big GD after it
Sonja got 47.5kg

Rowing had a mighty nice turn out as well

Cory led the board with 1:42 on his first 500m
Cole pulled out a 1:43 on his last dropping time every sprint!!

Nice job you guys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday 6, October 2009

Ahhhhh we can feel the calluses tearing - didn't have any bleeders so it was a GOOD day in the box!

Today we had


100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 squats
100 sit ups

It was an awesome WOD!

We had a few sub 11's - Mel and Chandler!
A few sub 15's - Scott and Matt

Nice job today guys!

Tomorrow will be a mellow strength day - so be sure to be there! :-)

Main Site

Hey guys -

Just a reminder to go onto the Main site as often as possible!

There are amazing stories, articles, and some new Certifications that look so much fun, along with a Certification Vacation weekend where you get two certs in one weekend.

Plus check out the affiliate page, and see some of the cool stuff other affiliates are doing, and if you see something you can't live without doing bring it up to me - let's see what we can do!

This is every one's CrossFit box, so please explore, enjoy and share!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Primal / Paleo Challenge

We have another Paleo/Primal challenge starting up this weekend.

I am getting logs printed up and ready for everyone, so if you have not responded that you want to be part - let me know!

Its going to be another fun filled recipe trading 90 day event.

Join in eat good food and do some kick ass WOD's!!!

Monday 5, October 2009

Great day in the box everyone with a great WOD to boot!

10 squat cleans

50 GHD sit ups

8 squat cleans

40 GHD sit ups

6 squat cleans

30 GHD sit ups

4 squat cleans

20 GHD sit ups

2 squat cleans

10 GHD sit ups

60kg men / 35kg woman

GHD sit ups are an advanced movement and with this many reps we will substitute medicine ball sit ups for those of us who may not feel as comfortable with the move (or vomity).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lens Crafters

A special thanks to Ariel and his amazing staff from Lens Crafters for coming in tonight and killing Fight Gone Bad!














Great job on your first FGB - see you in the box soon!
Linda, thank you for the dog tags as well - that was really neat!

Sunday 4, October 2009

Today was a good old tough WOD


3 rounds of

30 squat cleans 42.5kg

30 pullups

800m run

Big class for a Sunday as well! Nice job everyone!

Saturday 3, October 2009

Today in the am we had a challenging yet fun metcon

3 rounds of
21 1 arm dumbbells snacthes
12 ring dips
400 m run

Great job to Kathy from San Fran, Josh, Jason and Betsi.

At 4pm today it was just Chandler and I so we did our version of Gym Jones "1775"

7 rounds of
17 burpee pull-ups
75 squats

WOW are my legs done!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Pictures to follow - because as always BBCF looked fricking AWESOME!

We had a blast, thanks to an amazing team....

Scott - Fro man
Chandler - the man who brought it together
Harold - our testicles
Sam - our chesticles
Evan - smelly midget
Cole - Hey lard ass your out
Alena - nose water spitter

(You will all hear or see the stories that go along with these)

Anywho - we placed last, so next year for about 3 months prior I will be throwing balls down from the second story during the WOD's and you had better dodge it or - penalties!!!

We did take 1st in the best dressed division though - so we still RULE!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday 2, October 2009

Today was one of those Metcon's that in the middle you thought to yourself - WOW this is hard. At the end when that buzzer went off the sweat running down your face, the shoulders and fore-arms on fire you thought - hell yes I just completed a kick ass metcon.


20 mins of

5 thrusters 42.5kg

7 hang cleans 42.5kg

9 sumo dead lift high pulls 42.5kg
Nice job everyone, and a big good job to Torrey for popping off 12 rounds rx'd woman's weight at 25kg's.
Today was Mel's last WOD in preparation for his first marathon this weekend in Oregon. Mel good luck and we all know you will do amazing!!!

The Biggest Loser - Really?

For years now I am always asked - "Did you watch last nights episode of The Biggest Loser?" Shockingly enough not only are the people who ask me that question but most individuals who have known me over the years amazed at my answer. "NO I have not ever watched a minute of this show."

Why you ask - basically it is a bunch of BS if you ask me. Who couldn't loose weight being taken away from their lives, comforts, families and any of the other 100's of devices that allowed them to get to such a point? If I spent 6 hours a day eating very little and running on a treadmill for hours I would loose that unwanted few pounds I have, would I maintain those few shed pounds going back to my "normal life"? Maybe, but that is because my few pounds is nothing in comparison to 100's of pounds, these people loose in less than 12 weeks. Is this show realistic, healthy, or good for any over-weight person to watch - not in my opinion. But please, keep reading and make that decision for yourself. :0)

Below you will find a link to an article by Mark Sisson and his page called "Mark's Daily Apple" (link also found on our main page) that embodied what I have thought for years.

If your a die hard Biggest Loser fan maybe you should not read it, otherwise I think this article is spot on!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 1, October 2009

First day with no pre posting of the WOD - I like it!

Today was a fun relaxed day in the box with...

Max rep push ups

2 min rest

Max height box jumps - keep making the box taller and taller till you can go no higher

2 min rest

Max rep pull ups

2 min res

2000m max effort row

It was an awesome day, we had some outstanding numbers posted.

Push ups

Mel 110
Travis 103
Scott 87

Box jumps

Robin - faced her fears and did about 16 inchs (GREAT JOB)
JC - thinking he was at about 45-48 inches as well
Mark - 48 inches (nice job, new guy to BBCF as well)
Zach - 56
Ricky - 57.5 inches (WOW)

Pull ups

Mel 50 (did he even sweat)
Chandler - I know your in there to, but you had not posted yet (so keep us posted)


Dimitri 7:11
Alena 7:58 (new PR)

All and all you guys all kicked ass, what a great day in the box!