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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday 27, February 2009

We all know how much we love the ladies, so today we have

"Karen" - we all know this lovely lady, 150 wall balls for time. Oh but once again, not so fast. It is me we are talking about, so for this WOD we have two choices of "Karen".....

Karen on the Run
So, in short every time you rest 3 + seconds or the ball hits the ground, you run 400m.


Karen the Farmers Wife
With this one, every time you rest 3 + seconds or the ball hits the ground, you do a 400m farmers carry.

Score is time and how many 400m's we do. :-)

Yeah, we love it! We love it!


Wilson said...

16:29 with 4 laps of running. The 10 o'clock crew did them outside on the east window wall in the sun. Then sat there for another 20 minutes talking about In n Out and other food stuff.

Jay said...

Just under 10 minutes.

Yep. I have got IN n Out on the brain now, and pizza, and for some sick reason, corn dogs!!!

sam said...

17:40 with 4 laps of running 12lb ball.

They really sat there for 20 min in disbelief that I had never heard of, been to or seen a In & Out!!!

when they were talking about how great in & out was I thought it was a WOD!!! hahaha

Dave- great idea to do the wod outside in the sun!!!

Maggie said...

Gurl, you crazy...Karen that is, of course not you Alena!! See you this evening!

Nichoel said...

Guide to the warrior athlete link - thought this was a Mel, Alena Chandler must :-)

Jay said...

I find warrior athletes to be scary and intimidating.

Alena said...

Starting a "library" of items for people to read and look at - Warrior Athlete is my first in what I hope to be a long series of refrence material for us all to enjoy and share. I know you can get it on line, but there are some of us who can't seem to find the time to sit down and read the first 21 pages at one time. :-)

Nichoel said...

Jay - that's because you're a sissy :-)

Chandler W said...

Great article coach Ord explains that there are many different fitness programs. Many focus on the beach body (Jay these are what your looking for!) but almost all fitness programs leave out the training of the mind, which is a crucial element in developing the warrior athlete.

It also talks about finding your Brassring, which is a goal that you have to set both your body and mind to achieve.

My Brassring is to earn my Trident.

What is yours?

Chandler W said...

FMP toommorrow at 10....what will coach Ord post. The suspense is killing me.

Travis Coombs said...

Chandler - excellent Brassring. If I could turn the clock back about 11 years, I would join you. In all sincerity - I'm proud to have made your acquaintance. I wish you all the best & know you have the drive to achieve your goals.

Would love to join you all in the FMP, but I've got a date to go skiing tomorrow.


Mel said...

Total of 1200 meters of Farmers Carry with 24kg on each hand.

I just had so much fun dropping the ball!

Excellent WOD!

It was really nice to spend time with fellow BBCrossFitters at Dave's Eclipse Pizza.
The Paleo pizza was excellent!
Alena, thanks for spearheading this gathering.

JALENDRA said...

That was a fun workout. 7:30 with 16lbs ball. Ran 800meter after and 5 min of tire flips. Thanks Alena for the great WOD.
PS. DOn't forget the MINI DV Tapes.

Alena said...

Awesome WOD - Awesome PEOLE - Awesome PIZZA!

Chandler W said...

Thanks Travis, Its been and honor and a priveledge to have met you. You bring a great amount of intensity to Battle Born Crossfit!

Paleo Pizza was great I now know my centerpoint for eating out duringthe Paleo challenge! Thanks Alena and Jason for putting this together! Thanks Dave for having us! and Thanks everyone else for coming and enjoying the paleo pizza!

sam said...

paleo pizza and company was great!!!

thanks so much Dave!!

thanks Alena for everything you do!

Alena said...


Thanks guys, love you all!