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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday 10, April 2009

So, ending the week with a bang of a team WOD.

With a lot of input from Justin (thanks Justin we miss you not being here daily) we have

Final 4 (in honor of the NCAA basketball finals -of course)

4 rounds with a 4 person team of

Team member #1 does 3 full UCLA's - starting at the wall, touching the top of the ladder, back to the wall, then to the middle of the ladder, back to the wall, end of the ladder, back to the wall, and finally to the garage door and back. This is equal to 1 full UCLA.

Team member #2 is doing wall sits the entire time #1 is running.
Team member #3 is doing plank push up holds - bottom position the entire time #1 is running.
Team member #4 is doing wall ball taps the entire time #1 is running.

Once tm #1 is done, he/she will run over touch tm #2, tm #2 will run over and touch tm #3, whole will run and touch tm #4, who then becomes team member #1. Whoever you touch, that is your next position - except for the last person who becomes #1. After each person on the team has been each position, that is a completed round, and you get a 1 min rest.

If the team is short a person, or even two, you will still do each position as a team, and it will be based on the time it takes one of you on your team to perform the 3 UCLA's, (about 1:15 to 1:30).

Yeah long post for a great WOD!!!


Lynn said...

Wow, what a cool WOD. Seriously. :)

maggie said...

So, doing fgb Monday?

Lynn said...

I'm in for FGB Monday. ;-)

Chandler W said...

That WOD was fun and challenging! After the WOD at 12 I went to the pool with Licausi and Nicholas. We did a 500m warmup, then we got 2 5kg bricks from the bottom of the pool and we swam 4x 25m with 2 5kg bricks with 15 pushups at one end and 15 V ups at the other end of the pool. Then we set up bricks in a line and had to retrieve one brick then the other one an then the third one. We then swam back with all 3 bricks. This was very challenging and it's good to work on things like this. I have to be like a fish in the water

sam said...

the final 4 WOD is a ass kicker and a ton of fun.

I am not sure what the times were but I know we improved with each round.

Awesome job- Chandler, Alena and Broc

Chandler- with all the water work you have been doing I am surprised you have not turned into a prune.

Lynn said...

awww, Chandler's been crying (Sam said "all the water work"), so we'll all have to be real nice to Chandler. ;-)

Chandler W said...

Jason knows about my long night spent crying in the shower, with water cascading down my face. After all this pool work I feel like taking a bath in a big tub of lotion! My skin is dry and itchy!

Mel said...

That was a fun "touch me" WOD!
Excellent contribution, Justin!
Thanks for the coaching, Alena!

Alena said...

Awesome job to all the teams - 10am we got jipped though, next time we need 2 teams for the head to head challenge! :-)