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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday 22, June 2009

European Qualifier

3 x
400m run
21 kettlebell swings 32kg/20kg
12 chest to bar pullups

Side note - Bikram Yoga at 6:30pm tonight - come one come all and enjoy. Get there by 6:10 to sign waivers etc, and let us all get our "spots". Bring a towel, and if you have it a yoga mat as well, lots and lots of water!


Ty Jones said...

Looks like Reid kicked some butt on up in Idaho. You can see his results by clicking here and then do a search on "weber".

But it took him 11:18 to finish.
Total Swim time: 1:16 (2.4 miles)
Total Bike time: 5:48 (112 miles)
Total Run time: 4:03 (26.2 miles)

Pretty studly work man! Congratulations!

Myles said...

Awesome job reid! So is the yoga class taking the place of the 6 pm workout? If so can I show up at 530 and do the wod?

Alena said...

Nope, still the 6pm class. This is just a side thing for whoever wanted to come. :-)


Jerad said...

We were just talking about Helen on Saturday.....Little warning would have been okay sissy =)

Ty Jones said...

You are welcome to come down at noon and do the WOD with the IGT crowd if 5:30 doesn't work out.

Matt said...

Think its too much for one day, if i did the WOD at 5pm then the Bikram Yoga at 630pm?

I ate so much junk over the weekend -- kinda need to burn it off :-p. See ya at 5!

Alena said...

Matt - you will be aok. I am doing the same thing!

Lil brother I know I seem like I have my shit together most of the time, but its all a show. LOL! I think I was just as suprised to see it was Heavy Helen as you were. ;0)

harold said...

Hey all. Ended up with 13:50 with the 20kg/jumping combo. Man I need to get back in shape.

documentation of the 6pm class:

I know you all have a FB account. if ya find me, I can tag ya

Jerad said...

Too funny sissy!! how's your arm / leg doing today? yesterday was a brutal WOD. This is the first crossfit workout I ever did, and the first and only time I met pukie. (so far) First time I did it was 15:00 mins even with a 16kb and bands, 2nd time was 13:44 with 16kb and bands, last night was 11:54 w/ 24kb and kipping pull ups. pretty happy with that proression in 4 1/2 months!

Alena said...

Awesome job Lil brother! Very very PROUD OF YOU!

So Bikram Yoga - hmmm where do i start? Wow is a good place - it is so fricking HOT in that room, kinda smelly, and HOT! I thought I might die in the first 10-15 minutes, and then I thought no I will just go into a heat induced coma - litle sore in a weird "yoga" like way today, but will do it again (I hate being sucky at something). I was shushed, told to lie still, (she did do this in a nice way as to not point me out directly, but you all know me, and we are all sure it was me she was talking to). Relaxation - uhhh no. Stressful, kinda - painful, yeah - Hot, did I mention it was HOT? So all and all it was a good experience, and I will be doing it again. Thanks to Mel, Marj, Matt, Maggie, Chandler and Aja for all being a part of most of us BBCF peoples 1st time. :0)

Lynn said...

Wow Jerad, awesome improvement. Just wow. ;)

Lynn said...

Yeah, I hate the shushing. We're all used to suffering together and out loud. We gotta have a private group class where we don't get shushed. ;)