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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reno Tahoe Odyssey - 2 teams, 3 vehicles, 21 runners

Once again, BBCF was blessed to have two teams compete this year.
We had veteran BBCF runners, new BBCF runners, veteran Odyssey runners from other teams, WE HAD A BLAST!!!

BBCF team #1


Ran the race with 9 runners, 1 RV, and Steph, our part time driver, and resident hand stand performer.
Each member ran 4 legs, and did so in record times.

Total time 23:58
Average pace 8:05
Overall place 25th
Division place 10th

BBCF team #2

Brandon B.
Brandon C.
Chris S.
Cory <3
IA Dave

Team 2's performance was so outstanding they got held up for 90mins in Tahoe, they were just kicking that much ass! Even after a delay of game, and having to sit around, once the gates were opened the runners picked it up again, and finished in an amazing time.
Team 1, breathing down their necks the entire time - we will catch you next year. :-)

Total time: 26:54
Average pace: 9:06
Overall place: 100th
Division place: 34th


Travis Coombs said...

Reflections on this event:

Tegg - the only guy I've ever met who can run the RTO without eating anything. Great job pushing through that last long leg! Jumped in to his first RTO with four strong runs.

Alena - Recipient of the RTO Tough Mudder award. You pushed through pain & miles well past the time when most anyone else would have thrown in the towel. Now recover so you can get that knee all better!

Mel - Mr. consistent and our motivational leader. Mel's like a diesel big rig... mile after mile... keepin on truckin.

Brian - Gets the teamwork award for taking on tough legs - long & hilly - and not hesitating for a second to jump in when Alena had to rest to take care of her knee. Strong runs from start to finish.

Scott - Kept our spirits high with encouragement and humor. Scott's got your back if you ever get into a squabble with a volunteer with a Napoleon complex. Strong, consistent runs on all four legs as well - including the notorious "Geiger Grinder". (Made it in for a Monday 6AM workout too by the way...)

Chandler - Mr. Marathon. Dog Valley + two 10 K's + out of V.C = lots of miles. P.S. - don't ever put an orange flag in Chandler's face. He get MAD!

Dan - For anyone who doesn't know... Dan runs FAST! 6:05 minute miles on his 4th leg from bottom of Geiger to DD Athletic Club. Those damn running sandals must have rockets attached to them.

Matt - He loves him some Chinook 47 helicoptors! Powered through some dehydration to finish super strong on his last leg & kept us all in good spirits on the way!

Steph - Kudos for hanging with a bunch of stinky, sleep deprived, achey & whining runners. The trip wouldn't have been the same without you. Great at driving the RV in "D". We'll take care of the "R" driving.

Team 2 - it was awesome hearing the updates on how you were CRUSHING your legs. I wish I could've been a part of both teams at the same time to experience this event with you guys. P.S. - I am jealous that I didn't think of the PBR recovery drinks. "Once it hits your lips...".

I had an amazing experience with you all & can't wait for next year. For now... looking forward to Tough Mudder!!!

Matt said...

Travis those are some awesome reflections!

This RTO was extraordinary. 10 People in 1 RV for 24 hours = comic moments.

Scott - Thank you so much for getting the RV. Solid strong pace throughout all four legs, even with the calf burner, toe nail cruncher down hill for your 4 leg.

Alena - "Stop looking at the watch" :-p Despite the knee, three times normal size, your mental determination is overpowering. The drive I know were all impressed to see to continue and call it when others wouldn't.

Brian - Runner aholic. Finished your runs and looked like you just wanted to keep going, barely phased. Great job and stepping up!

Tegg - I agree with Travis, holy crap man 4 legs without eating while keeping under 9 min/mile pace!

Mel - Drink that coffee Rockstar :-) The spirits after last leg in VC gave me the motivation to finish my leg strong! High spirits.

Travis - The guy that doesn't look like he should be running, let alone 7min/mile paces. Except you did let a girl pass you :-P (got picture to prove it) I'll still run with you though.

Chandler - You and your damn tuna :-P Freakin killed running almost a full marathon at record paces as well! Next time will get the handstand on the moving train :-)

Steph - Don't worry about "R" driving I got your back :-) And like Travis much kudos for sticking around smelly people for 24 hours in a confined space.

Dan - Seriously, buy a car please. Your making us look bad in those sandals :-p. Running machine with no care in the world - awesome!