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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge

All right guys, the is a hardcore 9 week challenge, Paleo strict, WOD'S, measurements, pictures, weekly meetings, but of course overall a BLAST!!!

The prizes are great, there is a leader board, comparison and the general competitive nature of us crossfitters! The overall men and woman prize packages total over $1500.00 of super cool equipment. There is also really cool performance prizes. With that being said, the affiliate that wins gets a $50k gym make over, so ummmm yeah I'M IN!!!

O.K., for those of you who want to know Whee the heart is in the competition, there are three great charities involved.

It is $50.00 per competitor, and starts on the 17th of this month. 

Below you will find a brief description, and the link to the web page to read up more and register - I would love to see 20 of us from the gym to sign up and kick some ass in the affiliate challenge.

Let me know if you want in guys!

Our nationwide challenge is about life-transformation through education, nutrition, and fitness. It is time to take control of your health, diet, and performance. Whether you are just beginning the journey for better health, or an elite athlete looking to break your PR's, you owe it to yourself to take the LuRong Paleo Challenge. No more excuses and no regrets. Improve yourself, impact the world around you, and win some serious prizes! Now is the time! This is the first Nationwide Paleo Challenge that gives people of all experience levels a chance to win. The comprehensive scoring is based on 3 major components: WOD performance, diet, and improvements. Compete both as an individual and for your Affiliate Team. You get all of the benefits of a Paleo Challenge you might do in your own Crossfit Affiliate: Nutritional Guidance, Goal Setting, Performance & Nutritional Tracking, etc. But with so much more! All participants who complete the First 3 Benchmark WODs win a Sponsor Prize Pack worth over $85 in products, gift cards, and exclusive discounts from our Family of Sponsors. Exclusive nutritional advice, educational articles, and tips from registered dietitian Jeremy Mullins from CrossFit Thunder. Access to the LuRong Paleo Challenge Leader Board. Compare your results with friends nationwide. The tools, motivation, structure, and competitive environment to help you make life changes The Chance to claim your share of the more than $80,000 pool of prizes. Your participation changes the world around you. Portions of every registration will be donated to Charity, including Steve's Club, and The Claudio Reyna Foundation.

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