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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday 23, March 2009

OK, for those of you who were able to make it in on Sunday great performance....
For those of you who did not make it in, you have Fight Gone Bad, pictures and measurements today. :)

The regular WOD for today is


Row 500m
15 weighted sit ups
10 uneven push ups
5 pull ups - there are NO bands today, so that means you will do 15 FULL jumping pull ups
Run 400m

This one is going to be a fun!


Mel said...

Absolutely agree with the pull up modification of no bands for appropriate work output and intensity.

Jerad said...

So, Sissy are you still not supposed to be doing any WOD's this week as well?

Alena said...

Yes, I took yesterday, and today off from the WOD's - my performance during the FMP on Saturday was a sure tell sign that the stress and overtraining of the past few "weeks" was catching up to me. I will start the WOD's tomorrow with FGB to make up for today.

Nichoel said...

Yes, but where did you get the coconuts?

Jerad said...

yeah, you had a pretty brutal few days there. glad you are okay.

Oh, and sorry to say but my paleo pizza was too good, and I was unable to save any. I'll post the recipe here since I don't have a blogger account, and I'll make another one later this week!

Are you going to be there for the 4pm class? if so I'll try to leave early today.

Chandler W said...

375 New PR! I got 359 last time.
On a more important note. Alena, Mel we have a challenge from coach Ord to do Bravo and get under the 25min mark. He was impressed with our time on Alpha and wants to see what we can do on Bravo. Check out his comment on his website. So we need to set up a time to do Bravo. I love a good challenge!

Jay said...

Fight gone bad

355, New PR

350 was my previous best.

Awesome job Chandler! You are a machine.

Chandler W said...

Great job today everyone! I love the intensity! When the WOD is over and everyone is laying on the ground in the "recovery" position. You know everyone put out their all and thats whats its all about. The questions to ask yourself would be:
1)Did I push myself to the point of exaustion?
2)Did I break my previous PR?
If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you probably performed at your best and thats all that matters.

Alena said...

Chandler I think I speak for Mel as well as myself when I say - IN!!!!

Read Coach's challenge and responded with my own yeap as well.

This time the over-training on my part will be gone, and I know we will do better! I believe we would of gotten closer to 15-17 minutes on the second portion if I had not been the one wanting to be in the "boat".

Matt said...

Im back in town!!!!
Except my road trip wasn't so nice to me :-(
But I am looking forward to a little fight gone bad -- no pictures tho :-p

Mel said...

Let's do it, Falcon team :)
This is an exciting challenge!
Looking forward to doing the fmp with
you guys!

Mel said...

21:07 (WOD)

Nice WOD creativity.
This is what it means when
they say that "the art is
in the programming".

Good job, Alena!

Lynn said...

yay! I was afraid I would come back from vacation all soft, but I felt repaired and strong today and my FGB was 17 points better. ;)

Lynn said...

Way to go to Lindsey (sp?) for her 2nd time out!!!

Alena said...

TEAM FALCON - taking names and kickin a@#!!!

sam said...

time was 27 or 28 something,

I really enjoyed this WOD, I also appreciate the jumping pull up, it is the push I need to lose that damned band!!! made me realize I think I may be ready to kip??? will try this week