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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kris T. weekend wrap up of the California Strength Seminar

This weekend we hosted a California Strength Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach David Spitz and athletes Rob Blackwell and Nicole Lim. The seminar began with a light warm up and then three stations of stretching and mobility. From there Coach Spitz began breaking down some key points of the snatch (which would also carry over into the clean) while having Rob and Nicole demonstrate as he spoke. We were then allowed to work on the lift using the technique that Coach Spitz had just gone over.  One of the best things of the seminar was that we had Coach Spitz, Rob and Nicole available to help individual athletes fine tune their lifts and correct form. Everyone worked up to one rep maxes and PRs. Rob and Nicole then proceeded to do a demonstration on some heavy snatch lifts. Just to give some perspective, Rob weighs about 86 kg. (190 lbs.) and worked his way up to a 140 kg. (308 lbs.) snatch and Nicole who weighs about 48 kg. (105 lbs.) worked her way up to a 57.5 kg. (126.5 lbs.) snatch.

            Next Coach Spitz went over the clean much of which was similar to the snatch. Again, we were given the opportunity to work on this lift while getting form and technique corrected by Coach and the athletes. Rob and Nicole then demonstrated what they could do with their clean and jerks. Rob ended up cleaning 170 kg. (374 lbs.) which was a new PR for him and Nicole hit 75 kg. (165 lbs.) on her clean and jerk. One other detail about Nicole is that she is only 4'9", earning her the nickname "Littlest”, and is throwing up the heavy lifts like no one's business. After this demonstration, Coach Spitz went over the jerk and then everyone went on to work on their jerks, beginning with push jerk and then on to the split jerk.  Lastly, with the time we had remaining Coach went over front squats and back squats with another demonstration by Rob and Nicole.

            After attending this seminar I felt like I left with new information that I'm really excited to try out. I would definitely suggest that anyone that wants to improve their form and technique in their Olympic lifts attend a California Strength Seminar or a similar one. It was great having the opportunity to have these great athletes and Coach walk around as you work on your lifts correcting your form as well as being able to witness the raw strength of Rob and Nicole first hand.

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