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Thursday, October 29, 2009

14 Ways to Save $$$$$ being Paleo

Thanks to Chandler for finding the article, and thank you to Kelli for posting it on CrossFit Maximus website.

14 Ways to Save Money Being Paleo

1. HUNT, FISH, or FORGE - Reconnect with your caveman roots and get your food straight from the source. Or, if that's not really you - ask your friends there are lots of hunters here in Nevada, you never know one of them might take you out show you how, or let you have some of their catch - but be prepared to be the forager, and give em some berries or nuts. :-)

2. Be your own transportation - It's no secret gas is expensive, so take advantage of nice weather and bike walk or run.

3. Never pay for water - Lets all get ourselves one of those nice aluminum water bottles - less the BPA in plastic bottles, and never pay for water again.

4. Bring your own bags - Some stores are giving discounts to those who bring in their own bags - save the environment, and get a discount? Sweet!

5. Eat at home - Eating out is expensive! Put your chef hat on and get acquainted with preparing your food at home. Lots of recipes and instructions on the net, or just ask one of your Paleo buddies what they like.

6. Buy things in season - Fruits and veggies, when in season, are not only more nutritious and flavorful but also much less expensive. Stock up on frozen fruits and veggies as well as freeze or dehydrate fresh fruits and veggies to last you throughout the off season.

7. Costco - Stock up in bulk on your nuts, spices, olive oil, fish oil, even your meats - though it may not be grass fed, or pastured, it is still a good source of the fats, and proteins we need.

7. Make your own snacks - Mix up your own trail mix, dry your own jerky or even fruits for a tasty treat.

9. Quit drinking - Entirely - no not necessarily, but cut back and see a change in your metabolism, and your performance in your WOD's.

10. Eliminate the latte factor - $4 a day can be a lot to add up to like around $1400.00 for a year if you drank one close to everyday - pays for your box membership plus. :-) Besides that, watch the sugar and those spots we hate, be it love handles, or muffin top - sugar = blahhh. Try black coffee or tea for that caffeine high.

11. Experiment with intermittent fasting - Occasional breaks from food is OK (24 hours or less) can help increase insulin sensitivity and improve fat mobilization. 1 day of IF a week can cut your grocery bill by 15%.

12. Grow your own - If you have the space and the time, grow it and share it with all your Paleo friends.

13. Recycle - Save your bottles = cash

14. Less expensive cuts of meat - The great thing about Paleo is that you do not have to be afraid of fat. You can go for the less expensive poultry - drumsticks with the skin on it, bone in, skin on breasts (stay so much more moist than the boneless skinless ones) with beef, use a crock pot, ground beef or meat sauce, dice it for stew. Canned meats - inexpensive way to eat as well.


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