I have to preface this whole thing by stating that I am in no way an expert with double unders.Rather, I am just someone who has struggled, continues to struggle some days, and can share some of the useful things I have learned along my journey. I am the type that all the stars need to be aligned for my double unders to be consistent. And by stars I mean the right jump rope(not just the type but the length and thickness of the cable too), the right shoes, the right jumping surface, and the right music. Okay, maybe not the music, but when double unders aren’t your forte, it is important to be as mentally ready to tackle them as possible.

The Rope - Thickness

how to do double under, crossfit double unders, double under tipsLet’s start with the first thing; you can’t do double unders without a rope, so it seems like the perfect starting point, choosing a rope. There are many makers/suppliers of ropes. When I started everyone had a speed rope with the thinnest cable possible, because they were fast! So I joined the bandwagon and that’s what I started with. Failure after failure, this is when I realized that just because the cable is thin and will move really fast, it does not make it the best rope choice for every person.