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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday 5, July 2010

Can you believe it is already July of 2010???

Wow it is amazing to me how quickly our days fly past us, how quickly people loose focus on the things that are important.

Today we went to the Reno Aces game, as I sat there with Jason and Evan in the hot sun looking around, I realized many things about our general population. One of them being we are a fat fat nation - I know we hear it all the time, but until I sat and looked around me, watching little kids that should be lean and healthy being anything but, dads that should have their kids on their shoulders, leaving those said kids standing by the smokers only area, and moms that should be chasing their kids around laughing at the chase, walking sluggishly with a beer in hand, and their little ones tromping behind with cotton candy in one hand, and ice cream running down their faces. Jason and I counted just the group of people walking to our right, we quit when we hit 50, and our standards were "loose" in terms of health, we did not have 1 positive. :(

Now I am not saying spending a Monday with your family at the ball park should be a super healthy experience, it should be that treat you are looking for - but when the food and beer is nothing out of the norm, maybe we should step back and reevaluate the way we as a culture think about our lives.

I know today we are stressed, over worked, under paid, tired, running like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to make ends meet for our families - but when you loose your health you loose the ability to provide.

I'm not sure where or how we should try to fix this, but I just sat there in shock and dismay at the levels of "unhealthy" I saw walking by me. Saddens me! Be thankful for your health, do not take it for granted, take even just a few minutes everyday to work on this soooo important part of your life, and all the others would come together too.


Lynn said...

Great post Alena. I totally agree. And it's really sad when you see really young children overweight.

You couldn't find 1 in 50 and the obesity numbers are even worse in the South. Imagine an Atlanta game...

Brian said...

I can't say much for myself I know I can stand to lose some weight but I saw something at the Walmart in Spanish Springs that really hit it home for me. A guy I would guess being at least 500lbs riding an Electric Wheelchair with his kid on it also and she did not look to healthy in the weight area either.