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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday 17, April 2010

Left the programing up to Ryan today, and I am sure he did a great job!

Just a few high lights from the Fittest Of The Sierra's competition today:

Travis took third with an amazing performance on the row run WOD, a new PR on his over head squats, and a 7 + round score on the 12 min AMRAP which included 7 reps at 115lbs anyway over head, 7 burpees, and 7 pull ups (his rest time)!!

Ashleigh - not even sure where to start with her! She started CrossFit about 5 months ago, and has done a great job on PR'ing on her lifts weekly, getting her kipping pull ups down, and giving it her all. She came in toady nervous and a little over whelmed not knowing if signing up for RX'd woman's was right. Well I am here to tell you F*#K YES it was right - and she did great!

Sean came from Colorado a few weeks ago, is a great CrossFitter, and proved it today. He has competed in many sectionals, and local competitions, and his addition to the BBCF family is a bonus for us all!

Adam, another "newer" member to the family - and hell yes did amazing as well! Adam comes to us from the military, and is also somewhat new to CrossFit - at least in an actual CrossFit gym. His Olympic lifts are spot on, and makes a great addition to the family and team as well! Look for him to start adding some bits and pieces to your Oly lifts too.

Evan - Evan, Evan, Evan.... Well the youngest competitor by at least 10 years when it came to the men, and even though he did "scaled" he fought for every step, every rep, and every press like it was his last breath in his body. I had to fight tears of "hell yes that's my boy" mixed in with "oh my god that is my baby"! So, with that he PR'd on his front squats at 115lbs, and his clean and jerk at 85lbs. When you see him, give him a high five - he represented like no one would of expected! THAT'S MY BOY!!!

So, there is a slight recap of the day, there were lots of pics and video taken so we will posting those on the website and facebook too!



Travis Coombs said...

Alena, Alena, Alena...

Forgot to mention one tiny detail, but I'm sure your character and humility made you do it on purpose.

Dig this everybody...

ALENA YANCEY IS THE WOMENS' RX'D FITTEST OF THE SIERRA'S CHAMPION! Alena stood on top of the podium for the women & represented BBDF in fine fashion.

Alena got second in the row/run WOD on a technicality (rowing monitor error), but should have gotten first here.

She smoked most of the competition on the OHS WOD at 130# only coming in second to the same gal who technically beat her on the first WOD.

Alena went into the third WOD knowing what score she needed to beat & conquered the field winning the third WOD with almost 7 complete rounds.

I am so happy and proud of you. You had a flawless day & gave it everything you had. Enjoy this experience and win. Nobody works harder than you do, and you deserve every success you have coming to you.

Jason, Jared, Evan, Adam, Ashleigh & Sean - thank you guys for participating. I had a great time with you guys. Looking forward to seeing you in the box!

Matt said...

AWESOME JOB EVERYONE! BBCF has come a long way. I bow to all of those who participated and achieved greatness!

SilviaAK said...

Congratulations, ALENA!! and congrats to everyone else!

Alena said...

In my excitement, I did forge to mention the support staff of Jason and Jerad - thanks for the reminder Travis.
So, Jerad and Jason were such a huge part of yesterday for us all. Jason, has this weird way of looking you in the eyes when you are in the middle of a rep and telling you verbally and with his eyes that you have got this rep, and you do! I know when I went into that last WOD my only request of him was to tell me not to let go of that bar until I had completed all 7 reps! Thanks Jason!
Jerad, it was awesome to have you there, and though I know you regreted not competing in a lot of ways, I know your support for both Evan and I was instumental!
Thanks guys we love you!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Alena! You made me cry a little with this...I freaking love you!

Great job EVERYONE! And thanks for all the support, Jerad and Jason! And of course the support from everyone competing, too! And even all the BBCFers that couldn't be there ; ) Without all of my second family, I wouldn't be where I am 5 months later! It was a great time and a fantastic learning experience! Now to work on overhead squats and endurance...and remember, you know it's serious when your shirt comes off! Lol. Oh, AND, Alena will re-wod you if she has to!

Anyway, thanks again, everyone, for being so awesome!

Alena said...

Serious shit when the shirt comes off, and never fail for us to come up with a hundred other shirt sayings while we sit there. Re-WOD I crack myself up!