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Friday, March 12, 2010

Love this Stuff!

I would love to take the kudos for this post, but I can't. :( It comes from a page I love to visit called Fitness Spotlight - see the link below. It is how I try to live my life, and how I try to promote you to live yours! You will see my little comments below after the main point - so much of this I have done tried and not been delivered the results I am now. I eat better, exercise less, and look great - my family is healthy and happy, and I now enjoy life instead of dreading it, because I couldn't get to the gym that day for 4 hours, and can't go out and eat - there is just to much fat in restaurant foods. All I have to say now is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA my life rules!

  • Push ups are the best upper body workout designed….no machine can replace that…you don’t need any equipment and you can do them anywhere. (we love push ups)
  • It’s easy to become a certified trainer (as I have seen overweight people become certified)….it’s not easy to work as one full time (hence a high turnover rate in many clubs) (been there done that - if you look better than your trainer may be a clue)
  • Diet is 85% of where results come from…..for muscle and fat loss. Many don’t focus here enough.
  • Working out too much doesn’t lead to good results….hence most people are still struggling after years of hard effort and little return. (go back to your old Globo gym, and look at that one person on that same piece of equipment they are always on - change??)
  • Most people do not lift heavy enough to make stronger muscles. (lift heavy and hard - you will love the results, and the benefits are endless)
  • It’s never too late to build muscle….and is more important as we grow older. (so important - ladies you will not get bulky I promise)
  • The only real cure is prevention….don’t get sick in the first place otherwise you may be in for a long road back to health. (It's never to late to take care of yourself - eat, sleep, be active = health!)
  • If you eat whole foods that have been around for 1000s of years, you probably don’t have to worry about counting calories! (MMMMM meat, nuts and seeds, veggies, and fruit!)
  • Sugar is not our friend!!! (as much as you may enjoy it - break the habit!)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is making people fat and sick! (can I add it is just CRAP for you!)
  • The biggest 2 threats to our health are inflammation (silent and chronic) and insulin resistance. (Exercise and diet make these things GO AWAY!)
  • Our dependence on gyms to workout may be keeping people fat….as walking down a street and push ups in your home are free everyday…but people are not seeing it that way. (if you can't make it to the "gym" get off your couch at home for 20 minutes, at work on your break take 10 mins do some squats, walk the block - active people = HEALTH!)
  • If I had to pick one sport for a child to start with it would be gymnastics, the strength/speed/balance/body control they will learn can be applied to any sport down the road. (until reading this I never thought of it - but very true, got little ones give them that first step to a life that is surrounded by health and not video games)
  • I hate to jog….I love to run (well this one I got nothing on, we all know my take - hahaha)
  • Never listen to any advertising telling you what is healthy….as they are just trying to sell you something (and it is never cheap!)
  • There is no such thing as spot reduction…but there is a great business in selling that concept (Ab-reclining chair anyone?) (damn I wish they would of made millions off me!)
  • The fittest people I know keep active daily doing what they enjoy (see a pattern active active active)
  • Fitness and Muscle magazines never got me any real results (I have tried IT ALL - and let me tell you again life now is GREAT and I don't even look at those magazines anymore = they make you feel bad!)
  • Supplements were are waste of alot of money for me (AMEN!)
  • The best performance enhancing thing I know of….is a cup of coffee 30min before a workout/playing sports. (new to the coffee thing - but I am loving it)
  • To build muscle, throw away your Whey protein and eat more steak and eggs (MMMMMM meat!)
  • More people are taking muscle building hormones than will ever admit to you (square jaw, back acne, woman looks like man, man can't wipe his own ass - yeap steroids!)
  • The best way to lose weight for most is lower carbohydrate eating/cycling (I think no processed carbs at all is best - if it comes in a box or bag don't eat it!)
  • I was skipping breakfast long before I ever found out about IF (Intermittent fasting ladies and gentleman - love it)
  • It’s alot easier to stay fit and strong….once you get there (becomes as easy as getting up in the morning - maybe that was a bad play on words, sometimes getting out of bed is a struggle, 5 more minutes.)
  • Meat and Fat are my friends (can I stress again MMMMMM meat and now fat!)
  • Muscle size does not tell a person’s real strength (just because a guy looks huge - means nothing pound for pound one of the strongest men I know is Chandler!)
  • Muscle size is mostly glycogen and water (water fills those subcutaneous areas - we look bigger/fuller)
  • Whole foods can never be replaced by a multi-vitamin (don't care what your Juice Plus pills say - eat veggies and fruit while taking them if you must.)
  • Most people need some Fish Oil to control inflammation (Thank the heavens for Fish Oil - it truly works wonders)
  • Most mental disorders may be solved with a diet of no sugar/higher fats (esp DHA from fish oil) (I believe mental disorders, ADHD, OCD, and a shit load of the "conditions" that they say are wrong with our youth as well can be overcome with a lifestyle that does not include McDonald's daily! Your kids should be active and rambunctious - they are kids!)
  • Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day (IF during this time)
  • Eating 6x a day provides no metabolic advantage for losing weight than 2-3x a day…it’s still about calories and blood sugar/insulin control. (I spent years preparing my 6 x a day food, my day, my workout times around my meals - really??? CRAP again, keep your insulin levels at their natural hormonal balance, eat to satisfy and nourish not to explode!)
  • Mainstream media is 5 years behind research studies….research studies are 10 years behind what people are already doing for health and results. (So true a big reason I try to give you all my knowledge and anyone else I know who enjoys our way of life!)
  • The eat low-fat advice was the biggest health disaster in the last 30 years. (FAT is good - good fat is good, nuts, avocados, olive oil - MMMMMM)
  • The greatest learning experience was helping people with autoimmune/arthritis to get healthier…..I never got more appreciation for my own health and how important prevention really is. (Prevention - we have to take it seriously and do it now, sometimes we wake up and can't get out of bed - have emergency back surgery - and end up on disability at 55.)
  • The saddest thing to see is someone crippled by a potentially preventable disease while they are young which keeps them from doing simple daily activities and on multiple medications. (Meds = I have always tried to stay as free from them as possible, my child as well - I feel that you keep pumping them in and they mask the true problems, that can be fixed.)
  • I was 215 lbs in college and thought I was big and had muscles….now at a much leaner and defined 185lbs I know I was more fat than muscles back then. (Men - ego, some woman - ego, big muscles do not make you fit!)
  • I can still keep up with the 21 yr old hockey players…..I just am a little more sore the next day now…. (HAHAHA Mel - FMP days)
  • Mountain biking is fun….snapping off my derailer and making it a single speed is even more fun (Mountains intimidate me on a bike, but I understand from biking the single speed good comment!)
  • The smartest trainer I know does not have a website or best selling ebook….as he is too busy training real clients. (Well, does a blog count - cuz I rock. LOL)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is the only medicine I take if I feel sick (Going to try this - I just increase my fat when I don't feel well!)
  • I can go up and down up to 10lbs in a week depending on glycogen and water balance. (Ladies really listen to this - GET OFF THE SCALE!)
  • The first big amount of lbs you lose in the first week dieting is mostly water (If you loose 10 lbs in a week - be happy but know that will not be the case next week - it took years to get there, and may take months to get it all off. But we will DO IT!)
  • If you want to get better at running….you run… biking…you bike…….at a sport…you play that sport. (Practice does not make perfect, - what is perfect to you?? But damn you will be AWESOME!)
  • I know a professional athlete making millions and a star on his team…yet he can’t do a pull up…but he doesn’t need to. (Everyone needs to do a pull up!)
  • There is no one right way for anything… 20 different ways can get you results… (Try them and find the one for you, I will give you all the guidance in the world, and it comes from years of experience, and years of experience from people I trust to the ends. We will find the way that is yours!)
  • 80/20 rule is so true…..80% of your results come from just 20% of the exercises, 20% of the food in supermarkets, and spending 20% of your time working out. (Meaning active, clean foods, life is good!)
  • Results are just the simple yet important things done on a consistent basis. (You want it - come get it! It is yours for the taking if you truly want it, and to truly get it you have to be consistent and dedicated!)
  • Losing more than 2lbs a week is probably not all fat (NOPE - don't forget we retain water)
  • Gaining more than 2lbs a week is probably not all muscle (NOPE - muscle holds water, the supplements people take hold water)
  • All diets fail over the long run….but lifestyle changes last (I try to not use the word diet - you will hear me say it, but not as in the 4 letter word diet - in the fact that we are setting out to change your life style and make you the fittest healthiest you may of ever been.)
  • All diets books are saying the same thing in general…they just make a new way to present it (Very few of them say what I like to hear - It is OK to eat anything our ancestors could of killed or picked - that is all!!!!)
  • Bill Phillips was a marketing genius (Body For Life guy)
  • There is nothing new in health and fitness…..just ideas that resurface that are long forgotten (The squat we do today is the same squat they did 40 years ago - deep and heavy! Squats cure cancer - just ask me!)
  • Fads are created to sell more specialized equipment/gear, lifting/throwing something heavy and running fast has been around for 100s of years and still works (Ahhhh the truth of it all!)
  • Want a strong “core”? Lift something heavy over your head and walk around trying to stabilize it…the motivation to not drop it on your head will work wonders (anyone up for 400m over head walking lunges)
  • There should be a law against selling any dumbbells less than 5lbs….or ones in neon colors (Unless you are giving them to your 3-5 year old because he/she wants to do thrusters like mom or dad! )
  • If your trainer can not get you to lose weight, fire him/her. You are not paying for his/her company or excuses….go find someone who can deliver or knows how to get results. (I spent thousands of dollars on trainers over the years - all I wanted after I had met certain goals was a tighter higher butt.... What gave that to me? Not the trainer who said we wont do squats at all - your legs just get to big, or the trainer that said run 7 miles a day - nope, it was a CrossFitter telling me to put that bar on my back and squat until my hips dropped below my knees - hip crease... Is my butt perfect - again what is perfect - nah, but I do love it a lot more than ever before!)
  • Squatting to parallel will only give you weak hamstrings and lead to more knee issues….you should be able to go down like you were going to pick something off the ground….as that is the reason our bodies were designed to squat (YES - squats rule! If we are not to that depth yet, we will be it takes a while to over come flexibility, and weakness but it will happen!)
  • The best thing anyone can do for their health/results is to just try new things…see how their body adapts and responds…and learn how to take total control no matter life may throw at them in the future (Adapts - we want response, change, fitness and health)
  • Blogging is more effort than I would ever imagine….but I enjoy sharing what I know. (Yes, I hope you all know how much I love trying to get you the info you need - so if I miss something always ask me - I am here for you to take any knowledge I have or can find for you!)
  • If you like what I write…the best thing you can do is help spread the word…so others can start improving their health and fitness too. (website below - ENJOY)


Anonymous said...

Squats ARE amazing! And if all this great stuff about them is true, it looks like I'm golden ; ) Lol to the colored weightless weights! That cracks me up! And fish oil? Really? Is it a good idea to just take it daily...? And is it something that can be acquired from actually eating certain foods instead? Cuz I don't know about you, but those fish oil capsules are HUGE! Ick! Lol.

Matt said...

^^ I'm going to leave the fish oil capsules are huge comment along :-p.

Amazing information, crazy that people can't get their heads out of their arses!

Alena said...

Fish oil - YES take it daily... Whole foods has liquid (I swear it does not taste or smell like fish) you can drink it put it on salad as dressing, how ever works for you! I hate the big ol pills myself!

Travis Coombs said...

I second Alena's comments on Fish Oil. They are the one reliable "supplement" that I take to relieve inflammation. Costco has fish oil tablets that are not small, but they have a coating that tastes like vanilla so they aren't too bad to take. Their single serving is 410 mg EPA and 274 mg DHA which is relatively close to the recommended dosage of 2:1 of EPA to DHA.

Dr. Mel - I'm sure you can enlighten us...