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Monday, March 1, 2010

Sectionals this past weekend!


It was a long hard fight for Travis, but he came out in 14th place to continue on to the Qualifiers in Washington May 17th 2010!!!!

Travis came in fighting, and continued all the way through to his last WOD on Sunday, which may have been the hardest (we thought) for him, and he DESTROYED it like he did the other WOD's before.

Travis I am so proud of you, as I know the rest of the BBCF family is! AMAZING performance, and so proud that I could be a part of it to watch the events take place!!!

The sectionals them selves were an eye opening experience for us little CrossFitters from Reno, Nevada - in good ways and maybe some ways we did not expect. Overall an amazing experience shared with even more amazing family members - Travis, Ryan, and Evan - I am with you always!

THANK YOU TO THESE GUYS, AND TO THE ENTIRE BBCF FAMILY - we could feel your well wishes all the way in Ogden Utah!!!!


Travis Coombs said...

Alena – I’m going to try my best to keep this from sounding like Brittany Spears accepting a Grammy Award… I would have never had the guts to go to the sectionals without you agreeing to go with me, and I am proud of you for the way you performed this weekend & left everything out on the table. You represented BBCF in the true spirit on which Crossfit was founded upon, and I know that your talent & determination will bring you back to the qualifiers next year with great success. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to you and Jason for any “success” I may have at this Crossfit business. You guys and the rest of the BBCF family have added the final element into my fitness regimen which is true friendship and camaraderie. You should be proud of what you have done with Battle Born Crossfit. I know we all are. Thank you everyone for your support, encouragement & well wishes, and thank you Ryan and Evan for joining us in this experience. Our small group created some great memories! Looking forward to seeing you all in the box this week. Now let the bashing begin on the cheesiness of my rant…

Gene said...

I'll repeat what I said to Alena: It takes courage to put it on the line like you guys did! Good job!

Travis said "You guys and the rest of the BBCF family have added the final element into my fitness regimen which is true friendship and camaraderie."

I agree, that makes all the difference. I have been working out in this town since 1981 - the Y, the RAC, 24 hour, Golds, Worlds, Double Diamond..... and to come in to BBCF and know most everyone's first names, and get pushed like crazy... and do a little pushing and teasing of my own, it has been GREAT!

Torrey said...

Alena & Travis--
Thank YOU for being an inspiration to the rest of us! You are both amazing, and I think it's so damn cool that you went to sectionals.

Nine times out of ten the gym is my FAVORITE time of the day... that other one-tenth is only because we are doing 20 minutes of tabata or ring dips, chin-ups, and hand-stand push-ups... then I'm not so sure! :)

Way to represent BBCF! I hope to hear some of the details!

Alena said...

Everyone - THANK YOU!!!