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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday 4, November 2009

Today was another one of those laying in bed the night before thinking about what to do in the box. Had a different workout planned, but after the lunges and sit-ups I re-thought it so today we have....

AMRAP 20 minutes

7 kettlebell swings - heavy
5 1 arm kettlebell snatch right arm
5 1 arm kettlebell snatch left arm
3 burpees

Ahhh it is a thing of beauty. :-)

Thanks to my 3 newbies for fighting threw the full 20 minutes today - Brian, Sean and Josh. Great job you guys!


Alena said...

Went to dinner after with a good friend of mine, and as we sat laughed at and talked I solidified on the seat. Between the lunges yesterday and the 32kg swings today - DONE!!!

15 to 16 and 1/2 rounds

First 6 with the 32kg kettlebell, then Matty Hoff took over and I had the 24kg for swings, and a 35lb dumbbell for my snatch.

AWESOME JOB everyone!

Matt said...

Excellent energy in the box today. Help me tremendously considering I ran from home then completed this WOD. Thanks JC.

8.25ish mile run -- 1 hr 23 mins
AMRAP: 15 Rounds (First 9 with 24kg then 32kg swings, 30LB snatch

Mel said...

Great job, everyone!
It was nice to share the powerful energy in our box with our new CrossFitters.

Matt ran from his house in Northwest Reno to our box then completed the WOD. Awesome job, man!
Running from your house to the gym is a great concept. I am surely going to do it very soon.

Completed 18 rounds ( 32kg KB swings; 40 lb DB snatches)

See you all tomorrow. Have a good night.

Travis Coombs said...

Great job you's guys. Those are all impressive numbers.

As for me - I think God is trying to humble me or something 'cuz I've hit a big fat brick wall the past couple of weeks. Something has been "off" for me mentally and physically. I struggled through 15 rounds + 7 KB swings. Used 28 Kg for first 9 rounds & then put on my skirt & went down to 24 Kg for the last 7 rounds of swings. Will keep on pushing through & hopefully will break loose soon.

Michelle :0) said...

Everyday I check up on what you guys are doing in the box... and I'm a little jealous. I miss Crossfit! :*( I had to take a few days off because I wasn't able to complete my long run on Sunday, I was too sore and too tired. (I'm attempting to train for the Mardi Gras Marathon, February 28) Good news is, I'm no longer sore, or tired and I'll be back Friday! :)

Alena said...

Travis - try to come to a 6pm WOD and let us cheer you up!!!! We miss you and you know how crazy we are at 6pm.

Michelle - recovery is a good thing. Do not worry, we will have you in marathon shape before you know it. Lets look at your recovery meals and food in general, may be something your downing that is not helping you in the long run. :-) See you tomorrow!
Thanks for blogging with us, the more the merrier!