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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday 30, November 2009

Today we had:

Burpee Helen

Run 400m
21 Kb Swings (24kg)
12 Burpees

Way to go everyone, this is a killer WOD and you all destroyed it!

Explosive strength training improves 5k running time by improving run economy and muscle power. Great article!


Ryan said...


Fun WOD. Good job to all 3 'new to CrossFit' people we had in today. I was able to see some amazing efforts put forth today.

Mel said...

Great job, everyone!

Matt said...

10;xx I Think...

Great class taught by the wonderful Mel and Ryan.

Michelle said...

Sounds fun! Wish I could have been there... but I ran 13 miles Sunday. This week is an "easy" week for me so that hopefully I can recover from the last two weeks of running. I'm hoping to make it to Crossfit at least once this week though. :) Good job guys!

Alena said...

3 new people!!!! Nice job guys!
Today ran about 2.5 miles on the beach - made me feel a little bit better, but not the same thats for sure. Jason would not let me tim it - "can't time on vavcation" blah blah blah - was going to do suicide Cindy with burpees instead on pull ups on the beach, but again having people with the same drive and desire makes it a little rough. I miss my box!

Alena said...

Tuesday WOD - so today we went to a place call Xel-Ha (ShellHa), and my WOD consisted of a few hours of snorkeling, a few miles walked, a cliff jump (Mel you would of been proud of me) a cool ass rope walk over the ocean until some stupid French guys came on the opposite direction and started playing chicken with each other, with Evan in the middle... Needless to say, half way threw they were pulling and shaking the rope, Evan fell off caught himself, almost had himself back upright but these dumbasses started yanking on the rope from the water, so Evan again fell but got his feet wrapped in the ropes. Oh did mamma bear come flying off the rope (Chandler my swimming skills kick ass when my baby is in trouble)and was across the cove in seonds - I have never seen 3 french men move so quickly as they did when I got done telling them if they ever did anything tha dumb again with anyones kid on the rope I would kick their asses. So, all and all it was a decent "recovery" day in the ocean. I am so sad I miss you guys all so much! I will get up in the am and run on the beach again, try to get a WOD done in the "gym" and post to let you guys know. :-) Note to self do not bring people on vacation who do not embrace the "suck" daily!

Chandler W said...

Alena it's good to know those natural swimming skills kick in during a time of need!

Nice job on the WOD everyone. I was impressed with what I saw today!