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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 16, November 2009

Today we had a HERO WOD of a new sort - still a ass kicker of a workout, still a embrace the suck kinda day, still a hard as nails kinda WOD. The difference is, this one came from CrossFit Football as an honor to a fallen soldier.....


5 x
30 overhead walking lunges with 60kg
200m sprint
30 kettlebell swings with 32kg

1st LT Ron Winchester - In 2000, Ron played in Navy's biggest football game of the season, against Army - and his best friend. There were no hard feelings when Navy beat Army 30-28. "He was like my brother. We had a lot of fun together," said former Army defensive tackle and pal Doug Larson. "He was independent, but we were both dependent on each other." Winchester, 25, of Rockville Center, N.Y., was killed Sept. 3 by a roadside bomb in Iraq’s Anbar province. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 2001 and was on his second tour in Iraq. "Ron was a very gregarious type of individual who was always in the middle of things," said his father, also named Ronald. "He was a true leader, always respected by his peers and dedicated to what he was doing." Winchester also is survived by his mother, Marianna. "When he came home last time, he sat in the dining room telling stories," family friend Maureen Chiaramonte said. "He said, 'Aunt Mo, you know what it's like. You get a choice to sit on the bench or play the game. I don't want to sit on the bench."
Remembering Ron Winchester


Matt said...

Excellent WOD!!
Rest in Piece Winchester!

31:ish I was like 3 or so seconds after Mel. Dang you and getting your last 30 swings in a row :-p

Great energy 6pm class!

P.S. Chandler you need to be test for steroids... Really 60kg Lunge... Really.

Mel said...

Love it!
These are the types of WOD that makes you strong!
Excellent triplet.

Walking overhead lunges at 40kg
KB at 32 kg

Post WOD meal: a dozen hand roll uni sushi with avocado without the rice.

See you all tomorrow. Have a good night.

Chandler W said...

33:34 as Rx
That wrecked me! Those were heavy walking lunges.

Alena said...

29:40 was 30:40 on clock but the supid power guy showed up and needed me to unlock the tires - and it took a minute. LOL

36kg walking lunges = brutal
24kg kettlebell = great compared to those damn lunges.

Chandler was impressive with those lunges!!!

Cassie said...

It's Wednesday and I'm still sore from this WOD. It's the WOD that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

im new on this particular site
love me some crossfit though

i am amazed at whoever did this as Rx'd
i did 65lbs overhead with a barbell (not sure if it was supposed to be dumbbells)
200m sprint
55lb dumbbell swing

came in at 30:55

again congrats to whoever smoked this one as Rx'd

Alena said...

Nice job Anonymous!!!! :0)